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Why Is AC Maintenance Important?

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Do you think that you can get away without any routine maintenance on your air conditioner or heat pump?

Think again. This is what doing nothing looks like – the coil in your unit caked with dust, dirt, and debris; preventing air from circulating and causing a premature breakdown.

What does this mean for you as a homeowner?

The Cost Of Doing Nothing: Neglecting A/C Maintenance

As a homeowner, it’s very upsetting when anything breaks down. Big or small, it’s money out of your pocket nonetheless. If you’ve already replaced your heating and cooling system, you know what an investment a new air conditioner or heat pump is for your home. Why wouldn’t you want to protect the one you have?

What Happens When A/C Maintenance Is Overlooked

The consequences of a lack of maintenance can range from lower efficiency levels to a sudden breakdown. Even if your air conditioner or heat pump doesn’t look as bad as the one pictured here, a dirty coil is still going to lead to a less efficient system. Meanwhile, the cost of repairs could add up quickly without finding and preventing them ahead of time. A repair on a leaky coil, something much more common in units that have not been maintained, is a costly fix with no guarantee of how long that fix will last. An air conditioner or heat pump that has been neglected is also at much higher risk for needing to be replaced years earlier than it would have otherwise.

Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Even DIY maintenance on your air conditioner or heat pump is better than none at all. During the summer, make sure to hose down your unit when you can in order to clean off the coil. Also, make sure that the area surrounding your unit is free of branches, weeds, and any other debris that could prevent it from running properly.

Do what you can on your own, and then seek help from professionals to make sure that your system is operating at factory standards. The expert service technicians at Logan A/C & Heat Services can help you keep your system running at its best.

Take care of your air conditioner this summer. Contact our team for a professional tune-up today, and ask about our Maintenance Plans!

You can schedule routine maintenance from Logan A/C & Heat Services today »

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