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Water Irrigation To Service Technician

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Making a career change can be a scary thing to do! The fear of the unknown can stop some people from taking a different career path, but we’re here to show you that a career opportunity with Logan Services is well worth your consideration. 

Our DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati HVAC company offers multiple, rewarding career options in the high-in-demand home heating and cooling industry. 

Cole S., an HVAC Service Technician with Logan Services didn’t know the fundamentals of HVAC but that didn’t stop him from learning and continuing to grow in his new career path. We took a deep dive with Cole and asked him questions about his career change and why he chose Logan Services. Read Cole’s story below.

Q: What were you doing before making a career change?

A: Before making a career change I was working in hardscaping, concrete, and water irrigation. 

Q: What were your top 3 fears of making a career change?

A: My top 3 fears of making the career change were most definitely not getting a full understanding of how a system works, money, and if I was going to fully make it in the HVAC industry.

Q: What steps did you take to overcome that fear?

A: I overcame those fears by making my supervisor fully aware of the fact that I did not have a good understanding of HVAC. My supervisor took the necessary steps to help me grasp the fundamentals. I also discussed the wages with many people and all of them had very good things to say!

Q: How has the decision to start a career in HVAC impacted your life?

A: My personal life and work life have changed drastically in a very good way. I am 22 years old and currently own my first home and have my dream dog. My work life is surrounded by some of the best people I know and now many of them I call great friends.

Q: What do you love most about your HVAC career?

A: What I would say I love most about my HVAC career is all the people I meet on a daily basis and all the amazing stories I get to bring home with me.

Q: What do you love most about Logan Services?

A: The thing I would say I love most about working at Logan Services is the fact that it is a family owned business, and you can truly feel that you are apart of the Logan Services family while working here.

Q: What words of advice can you give someone considering a career change?

A: The best advice I have for someone thinking about taking a career change into HVAC is to just do it! You won’t be unhappy with the decision!

Our team is hiringLogan Services is looking for talented and determined people committed to a rewarding career providing heating and cooling services to customers. We are offering positions in-office and out in the field in DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati

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