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Mitsubishi Makes Bonus Rooms Usable

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Bonus rooms and additions to your home can equal bonus space, but if they’re not comfortable, what you intend to use them for might not work out.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating ductless mini-splits offer a low maintenance option for making your bonus room dreams come true.

Unlimited Possibilities

Imagine what you could be doing with this extra space. Right now your bonus room may be too hot or cold for you to want to spend any time in, but the addition of a mini-split could help change that. Some of our customers in places like Troy, Hilliard, and Loveland have used their bonus rooms for things such as:

  • In-law suites
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Extra living space
  • Home offices
  • Hobby spaces
  • And more!

What would you be using your bonus room for? With the comfort provided by a ductless system, the possibilities are endless.

Extra Help For Extra Space

Many bonus rooms and additions don’t have any kind of registers, let alone a cold air return. This is something that you usually won’t notice when you’re buying your dream home. The feeling of excitement will lead you to overlook these downfalls. With room additions, the traditional system that already exists in the house may not be able to handle the load of the extra space. Adding on a mini-split will save you from having to change out the entire system.

Keep A Consistent Temperature Upstairs

If your bonus room is converted from attic space or is on the second floor without an attic as a buffer overhead, direct sun exposure on the roof can cause the room to be drastically uncomfortable. A Mitsubishi mini-split would help you to combat the heat and stay comfortable all year long.

Save Money To Complete Your Projects

If you’re in the process of adding a bonus room to your home, you can save money with rebates offered by your local utility company. Our team also has financing available to help you balance the projects around your home. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi’s mini-split systems use inverter-driven compressors, which only use the energy needed to cool or heat an area while saving you on energy usage.

Are you ready to make use of the bonus space in your house? You can request an in-home estimate today!

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