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Is It Too Late To Have A Furnace Tune-Up?

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Did you miss getting your furnace tuned-up earlier this season? While it’s great to have maintenance done on your furnace early on into heating season, having a late-season tune-up is actually more beneficial than you think.

Ensure Safe Operation Of Your Furnace

Whether you haven’t had furnace maintenance done in one year or ten years, there are plenty of components that can malfunction or wear down over time. While some parts failing to perform efficiently can result in small amounts of damage to the system, others can be dangerous and cause more serious consequences, such as carbon monoxide leaks. Don’t roll the dice and wait until the beginning of the next heating system; if it’s been more than a year since your system has been looked at, we recommend having maintenance done now.

Stay Comfortable Through The Rest Of Heating Season

Even though we are all ready for spring, there’s still a lot of winter left! In Ohio and the surrounding tri-state area, we often experience winter temperatures well into April. Make sure your furnace is ready if (and when) there is another cold-snap this season. A tune-up will help uncover many potential issues that could lead to a furnace breakdown in extreme temperatures.

Keep System Warranties Valid

Make sure that you are doing your party to keep your warranty valid. Missing a year of maintenance could void certain areas of your warranty, and could end up costing you more in the long-run.

Identify Air Conditioner Issues Before Cooling Season

Did you know that your air conditioner uses many of the same indoor components that your furnace does? By scheduling your furnace maintenance now, you’ll also be getting a head start at identifying some of the potential issues your air conditioner could experience at the beginning of the cooling season.

Save With An Annual Maintenance Plan

It’s not too late to schedule your furnace tune-up for the heating season! We are happy to provide you with peace-of-mind through the end of winter and into spring. Schedule your furnace tune-up today, and take advantage of our Annual Maintenance Plan, which includes two seasonal tune-ups, discounts on parts and labor, and priority service. Save even more when you take advantage of our Maintenance Coupons!

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