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How The XV20i and XC95m Communicate For Home Comfort

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Our team makes sure to provide you with quality products that contribute to your home comfort. Several of the Trane systems we offer include furnace and air conditioners that work together in the home. One of these paired systems combines the Trane XV20i air conditioner and the Trane XC95m furnace.

HVAC systems communicate together to make sure your home is being properly cooled and heated during the appropriate times. We talked with multiple Logan Services experts on our service, installation, and our comfort consultant teams to find out how these systems communicate together to efficiently operate. Read on to learn more about these communicating systems.

How Do The XV20i and XC95m Work Together For Home Comfort?

Both the furnace and A/C are variable speed units and run at percentages or intervals. The heating and cooling units work together by matching the outdoor compressor and indoor fan speed percentage. In theory, if the outdoor unit (air conditioner or heat pump) is running at 50%, then the indoor blower will run at 50%; this ensures the proper amount of airflow the system needs to cool or heat the house. 

How Does Our Team Know That The Heating and Cooling Units Are Communicating?

The installation team working in your home will make certain all of the components of your HVAC system are working together. When they power up the heating and cooling units, our installers will look for three flashing LED lights that indicate each piece of equipment is communicating.

What If The HVAC System Stops Communicating?

First, don’t panic. Check and see if power was lost to the units or the whole house. If you know that it’s power loss, turn the breakers for the indoor and outdoor units off for 10 minutes. Then, turn them back on to reboot the system. However, if the power is on, it could be an issue with your XV20i and XC95m Trane System. For wiring issues or other serious concerns, you will want to contact the Logan Services service department for some help.

Are The XV20i and XC95m Right For Your Home?

When a Trane XV20i A/C and XC95m furnace are paired together, you get a variable speed systemVariable speed systems are the ideal solutions to many of our customers’ homes. They keep the indoor air cool by removing maximum humidity. A variable speed HVAC system can also be set to warmer temperatures inside while not sacrificing the dehumidification capability. Dehumidification and a thermostat set at a warmer temperature can make a house divided on comfort concerns a happier place. It helps bridge the gap in a household where some like it feeling cold and others feel like they are freezing all the time. 

If you are looking for a new HVAC system that will guarantee a more comfortable home, give our friendly team a call. Our team provides the greater DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas with residential HVAC replacementrepair, and routine maintenance

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