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How To Breathe Easier This Holiday Season

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While it may be hard to imagine, the air inside your home is often more harmful than the pollutants we breath outdoors. Be sure to take extra special care of your home’s air quality during the holidays.

Here are 5 tips you can start with…

  1. Vacuum and mop your floors. Keeping your floors fresh helps cut down on allergens. If it has been a while since a deep clean, rent a carpet cleaner. Also, make sure to put a door mat at every door. This encourages people to wipe their feet.
  2. Keep a good level of humidity in the air. It’s no secret that the air gets dry as we approach the winter season. Lack of moisture in the air is not only bad for your home’s air quality, but for your hair and skin as well. Consider a whole-home humidifier to help asthma and allergy sufferers, reduce static electricity, and help the air feel warmer at lower temperatures which can help decrease your heating bill.
  3. Do you or a one of your guests smoke? Quickly make your home a no-smoking zone. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, all of which will your home will be exposed to if you allow indoor smoking. Provide ashtrays for your guests and have a designated outdoor smoking area that is far enough away to not compromise the air indoors.
  4. Cut down on the synthetic smells like air fresheners or harsh cleaners. Some of your guest may have sensitivities to smells and these products are also releasing more chemicals in the air.
  5. Have a guest with terrible allergies or asthma? Change your furnace filter before guests come over to ensure that clean air is passing through your home. You could even consider more advanced air cleaning technology, such as a Perfect Air Plus or Trane CleanEffects.

Have a safe and happy holiday season from your friends at Logan Services in Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati!

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