Staying Cool Going Back To School

Send your kids off to school prepared for the hot weather

It’s back to school time all around the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati areas, but the hot, humid weather is still making us think of summer. While you send your kids back to school, here are a few way to make sure they stay cool during the remaining days of hot weather.

Stay Hydrated

Remind your kids to drink plenty of water to combat the heat during these remaining summer days. If you are able, pack a water bottle for them to take to school, or remind them to stop at the nearest drinking fountain whenever they have the opportunity.

Wear Light Clothing And Sunscreen

With the hot sun beating down, make sure that your children are prepared with sunscreen if they are going to spend any time outside, as well as lighter colored clothing that will absorb less heat.

Spend Time In The Shade

If your child has recess outside during this hot weather, encourage them to stay in more shaded areas out of the sun and take breaks often in order to cool off and avoid overheating.

Come Home To Comfort

After a long day at school, your kids should be able to return to a cool and comfortable home, and so should you. Make sure that your air conditioner is running properly and still keeping up after a long summer of working hard. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can even set a schedule to lower the temperature inside just before the kids arrive at home.


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