Expert Furnace Installation Services in Dayton, OH

Be prepared for every winter season to come. Keep you and your family safe and warm with a new, energy-efficient furnace installation. You could save money on your utility bill and breathe cleaner air and be comfortable through the cold months.

Our team will help you choose the right furnace for your home and budget. Expert technicians will help ensure your furnace is installed to run at its highest efficiency.

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Furnace Installation in Dayton With a 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeTrane Furnace

For over 50 years, Logan AC and Heating Service has proudly served Ohio homeowners in HVAC system repairs, replacements, and installations. We partner with the best brands in the industry to provide high-quality equipment at an affordable rate.

Our work is complete once you are satisfied. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can trust that you're receiving excellent service and that your needs are met. 

Installing High-Quality Furnaces

The quality of your furnace will determine how efficiently it keeps you warm and how long it will last. We only partner with top-quality brands to help ensure you're not wasting money on costly repairs in the future. 

You benefit from our excellent relationship with companies like Trane, Rheem, and Mitsubishi Electric. As a high-volume dealer, we offer you competitive pricing on top brands, so you get great value. 

Choose from:

  • High-efficiency gas furnaces from Trane
  • Gas furnaces from Rheem's heating solutions
  • Trane partnered with Mitsubishi Electric heating pumps and mini-split solutions

Our Comfort Consultants can help you decide on a new furnace that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

What to Expect During Furnace Installation

The efficiency of a furnace largely depends on the quality of the installation, as well. A report from the United States Department of Energy states an improper furnace installation could reduce efficiency by as much as 30%. Not to mention, a faulty installation can pose a safety hazard. 

Logan HVAC professionals undergo continuous training and only use industry best practices. You'll get an excellent installation to keep your furnace replacement running for years to come.

You can expect our technicians to:

  1. Assess your home's current heating load to determine the type of furnace that will most efficiently heat your home. We'll take into account your windows, air ducts, and any hot and cold spots present.
  2. Thoroughly inspect electrical wiring and gas lines to ensure they are appropriately set up for a furnace installation. 
  3. Ensure your current air conditioning system is compatible with the new furnace. 
  4. Perform safety checks before, during, and after the furnace installation process. 
  5. Have protections in place to keep your home and work area clean.
  6. Test the HVAC system to ensure it's running at its highest efficiency.
  7. Keep you informed during the installation process.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Furnace Installation

Though a heating system works, it doesn't mean it's working efficiently. An inefficient furnace can pose health risks and cost more on your energy bill. 

New furnaces are built to use less energy while providing more comfort and temperature control. Switch to an energy-efficient furnace and benefit from the following:Trane Furnace Installation

Lower Energy Bills

High-efficiency furnaces reduce the amount of energy wasted to warm your home. Older furnaces can waste up to 30% of their power to heat your home. 

High-efficiency furnaces waste less than 10% of the energy used. This translates to cost savings on your utility bill. Also, this option is more environmentally friendly as it reduces your carbon footprint. 

Increased Home Value

Replacing an outdated furnace with a high-efficiency furnace increases the resale value of your home. 

A new furnace can help your home stand out from others and save thousands if you're thinking of selling your home. 

Better Air Quality

The energy wasted in an older furnace can cause carbon monoxide pollution in your home. Replacing it with a high-efficiency furnace helps your home by:

  • Reducing the presence of carbon monoxide
  • Filtering out dust and other pollutants
  • Preventing microbial growth within your system

Why Choose Logan A/C & Heat Services For Your Furnace Installation in Dayton, OHRheem Furnace

For over 50 years, Logan A/C & Heat Services has provided excellent HVAC services for the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, OH areas. We take pride in offering excellent customer service, installing quality products, and accommodating our customers with financing options. 

We understand how important it is to invest in the best services for your home. Our team is equipped to help you with any decisions you have to make. Our technicians are continuously trained, even beyond industry standards, to offer superior service.

Call us today for more information or a free estimate on your HVAC service needs.


Is furnace installation expensive?

The cost of a furnace installation largely depends on the type of furnace you need. The US average furnace installation cost ranges from around $4,800 to about $9,400. Many factors determine the final price. If you're interested in a free estimate, call us today, and we'd be happy to assist you.

Do you provide electric and gas furnace installations?

Yes, we install gas furnaces from Trane, Rheem, and Mitsubishi Electric. We install air handlers (electric furnaces), as well. 

How long does furnace installation take?

A furnace installation can last between four and ten hours on average. The timing depends on the size of the furnace, complexity, and other factors.