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Investing in new furnace installation is a rewarding process for homeowners. With a new furnace, you can enjoy benefits like lower energy bills, better air quality, and a safer setup. The first step in replacing an old furnace is finding reliable installers for the job.

Furnace Replacement and Furnace Installation Experts in Columbus, OHTrane Furnace Installation

Logan A/C and Heat Services has 50 years of experience serving homeowners in Ohio with quality furnace installation. We know that, as a homeowner, you value effective and efficient furnace performance that will improve your home's air quality and keep you warm in the winter. 

When it comes to purchasing a new furnace system, proper installation is key. You’ll get the best value from your heating system with the right installation process. Our expert technicians have decades of experience in furnace installation services. They will ensure that the system works to increase your home’s energy efficiency so you can get the best value. From the moment we arrive, we promise quality at every step. We’re here to answer your questions and provide professional care and customer service throughout the entire process. Here’s what you can expect from Logan A/C and Heat Services when you choose us for your furnace install:

  • Schedule an Appointment - First, you can schedule an appointment with one of our comfort consultants online or over the phone. We serve the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas with quality furnace and A/C services.
  • Get a Quote - Next, one of our comfort experts will visit your home and learn about your comfort, efficiency, and budget needs. This helps us provide the most accurate estimate possible. We offer this free service to give our customers full transparency before they invest in our services. 
  • Enjoy Your New Furnace - Now your work is done! Once you decide to go with our team, we can often install the new furnace the very next day. Investing in a new furnace is a great way to make your home more comfortable and enjoy equipment that will last for years to come.

While the replacement estimate is free, if you did want to have your existing furnace inspected by an experienced technician, there would be a fee for that service call. When comparing repair vs replacement with your service technician, if you did opt to move forward with new furnace installation, your service fee cost would be reimbursed to you.

Warning Signs You May Need to Replace Your Furnace

If you’ve had your furnace for years and notice higher energy bills, decreased efficiency, or other issues, it’s probably time to invest in a replacement. Here are a few warning signs that tell you it’s time to look into to new furnace installation:

  • Old Age

    - Furnaces that are 1-15+ years old are more likely to break down, need repairs, or slow down overall efficiency. You may even notice hot and cold spots around your house that are a telltale sign of a furnace that’s not doing its job. If you’ve had your furnace a decade or longer, it may be time for a replacement.

  • Higher Bills

    - An older, outdated furnace won’t run as efficiently. If you notice your heating bills are rising and you can’t figure out why, it could be because you need a replacement. You’ll immediately reap the benefits of lower utility bills with a new furnace.

  • Constant Repairs

    - Older furnaces may need parts replaced frequently, such as heat pumps and other HVAC equipment. Rather than throwing good money away on expensive repairs, you can get a better result with a complete replacement.

  • Safety & Health Concerns - Air quality in your home can be affected by an old or outdated furnace. Older furnaces also run the risk of emitting carbon monoxide into the air. For these reasons, your indoor air quality and safety could benefit from new equipment. 

3 Advantages of a New Heating SystemFurnace Installation

There are many advantages to investing in a new heating system. As a homeowner, having a properly installed furnace and HVAC system is a great way to improve your property value and create a comfortable environment. Here are some additional benefits of quality furnace installation:

  • Better Efficiency

    - As mentioned, older furnaces tend to run less efficiently and, as a result, can increase energy bills. With a new furnace, you’ll reap the benefits of a system that maximizes value and gives you the best return on your investment.

  • Quieter Operation

    - When furnaces age and start to need parts replaced, it can often lead to louder operation. The quality furnace systems offered by Logan A/C and Heat Services are top-of-the-line, with some equipment options that are known for running at a low volume.

  • Peace of Mind

    - No one wants to worry about their furnace needing repairs in the middle of winter or worry about electrical problems that can come from a broken-down system. A new furnace unit helps give you peace of mind knowing you’ve got quality technology that keeps you safe and provides warmed air when needed.

How Much Does a New Furnace Installation Cost In Columbus, OH?

At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we believe in doing the job right. That’s why we install the equipment we sell to our customers. We will help protect your investment and ensure the manufacturer warranty is effective should you need it. If you’re curious about the furnace replacement cost, we offer free estimates that combine the cost of the new furnace and installation. That way, you know what you’ll pay for the entire process, with no surprise fees.

We also offer financing options to customers, so if you’re curious about this process, we can provide answers. Once you decide to go with our team, we can often install the furnace within the next few days. Most of our furnace installations are completed in just one day, so we can minimize your inconvenience and get you a quality product as soon as possible. In addition to installation, we also offer furnace repair and other HVAC replacement services.

Schedule Your Furnace Installation Today!Rheem Furnace Installation

If you’re ready to take the next step with Logan A/C and Heat Services, schedule your installation or quote today. Whether you have a gas furnace or electric furnace/air handler, we’re here to help as one of the top HVAC companies in the state. Our team is happy to provide same-day estimates to minimize wait time. We proudly serve the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas with quality heat and air conditioner services. Contact us today to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put in a furnace?

The cost of furnace installation varies by project. For the most accurate estimate, call Logan A/C and Heat Services. One of our service technicians will visit your home, assess the situation, and provide an accurate estimate.

Can you install a furnace yourself?

Installing a furnace yourself can be dangerous due to the electrical components and gas lines. It’s best to let a professional install the equipment so the process is done right and the furnace runs safely and efficiently. 

What is the life expectancy of a furnace?

Most furnaces last 12-15 years before they start needing frequent repairs or need to be replaced. Lifespan can vary depending on the make and model of the furnace, as well as the level of care through maintenance that the system has had through the years.