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Where Can I Buy a Trane Furnace?

Trane Furnace

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Buying a new furnace can be a difficult decision, with many brands and models to choose from. One of the top options is Trane. Their furnace models are known for their durability, efficiency, and advanced technology. With features like two-stage heating, variable speed motors, and reliable heat exchangers, a Trane furnace provides both comfort and energy savings. However, finding the right Trane furnace for your home and budget takes some research.

Introduction to Trane Furnaces

With over 100 years of experience, Trane is one of the most trusted brands in home heating and air conditioning. Trane offers furnaces that use natural gas, propane, or electric heat to keep your home warm all winter long. Their furnaces come in a wide range of models to fit any budget and home.

Trane furnaces feature heavy-gauge steel insulated cabinets for quiet operation and efficiency. Many models have hinged blower doors and filter racks for easy access and maintenance. They utilize multi-speed blower motors and advanced controls for improved temperature control and dehumidification.

Key highlights of Trane furnaces include:

  • High-efficiency models with up to 98% AFUE ratings to help reduce energy costs.
  • Single and two-stage heating for comfort and capability.
  • Durable heat exchangers made of aluminized or stainless steel.
  • Variable-speed blower motors for quiet, consistent airflow and comfort.
  • Advanced self-diagnostic controls to monitor operation and optimize performance.
  • 10-year limited warranty on parts when registered.

Understanding Trane Furnaces

Trane offers both gas and electric furnace models to suit any home. Gas furnaces use natural gas or propane as their fuel source. The gas is ignited by a burner, and the resulting flame heats up a heat exchanger. Air from your home is then blown over the hot heat exchanger, warming it up before being circulated back into your rooms.

The main components in Trane gas furnaces include:

  • Burners: Ignite the gas to produce flame/heat.
  • Heat Exchangers: Absorb heat from the burning gas.
  • Blower Motor: Circulates air through the furnace.
  • Ignitor: Lights the gas burners.
  • Control Board: Regulates furnace operation.
  • Blower/Filter: Forces air over the heat exchanger and filters it.
  • Condensate Drain: Removes condensation produced during heating.

Electric furnaces have heating elements that get hot when electricity runs through them. The air in your home blows across these hot heating elements and warms up before being sent back through the ductwork. Electric furnaces are ideal for homes without natural gas.

These are the key parts of Trane electric furnaces:

  • Blower Motor: Circulates air across heating elements.
  • Heat Exchanger: Absorbs heat from elements and transfers it to air.
  • Control Board: Regulates furnace operation and electricity to elements.
  • Blower/Filter: Forces air over the heat exchanger and filters it.
  • Thermostat: Allows temperature control and communication with the control board.

Features and Advantages of Trane Furnaces

Trane furnaces offer many features to provide reliable heating, improve efficiency, and create more comfortable conditions in your home.

Trane models are known for their quality and superior features, including:

  • High efficiency up to 22 SEER
  • Variable-speed motors for consistent comfort
  • Improved air filtration for better air quality
  • Minimal fan noise
  • Humidity control for ultimate comfort

Practical Tips When Buying a Trane Furnace

When it’s time to replace your home’s furnace, investing in a quality model like Trane can save you money over the long run. Upgrading to a new furnace can provide better performance compared to older models. However, the purchase process can be overwhelming for homeowners. Newer furnaces often have improved efficiency, increased heating capacity, and advanced features that older furnaces lack. Follow these practical tips for assistance when buying a new Trane furnace to make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Furnace

Choosing a new furnace requires careful consideration of these factors:

  • Square footage
  • Amount of heating you will need, based on the home style, insulation, and climate
  • Furnace size, which can be crucial for effective heating
  • Fuel type—natural gas, propane, or electric
  • Budget for the equipment and installation
  • Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), which is the ratio of heat produced to energy/fuel consumed
  • Motor speed—single, multi, or variable
  • Available tax credits for new furnaces

Have an HVAC professional such as Logan A/C & Heat Services calculate your home’s heating needs.

Trust Logan A/C & Heat Services for Installation & Maintenance

When you’re ready to buy a new Trane furnace, turn to the experts at Logan A/C & Heat Services. We proudly carry Trane furnaces, providing installation, maintenance, and repair for all Trane HVAC products. Our team can help you choose the ideal Trane furnace based on your home’s needs, ductwork, and budget.

With over 50 years of HVAC experience, Logan A/C & Heat Services is Greater Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus’ top choice for Trane furnace installation and ongoing maintenance. What sets Logan apart is our complete commitment to customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and caring service.

Here’s why homeowners trust Logan A/C & Heat Services:

  • Expert Technicians & Flawless Installations: Logan’s factory-trained technicians properly install your Trane furnace to manufacturer specifications using detailed checklists and manager oversight.
  • Quality Workmanship: Our “Quality Trifecta” of teamwork, communication, and commitment ensures every job meets high standards.
  • Educational Experience: We take the time to walk you through your new system, address all questions, and handle warranty details so you have true peace of mind.
  • Stellar Track Record: Logan is a Diamond Elite Contractor for Mitsubishi Electric and the largest volume Trane dealer in Ohio.
  • Dedicated Service: As a family-owned local business, Logan provides personalized maintenance to maximize your system’s performance.
  • Industry Leader: Logan’s 50+ years of experience, awards, and accreditations give homeowners confidence in their expertise.

At Logan, your satisfaction means everything to us. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your home with a Trane furnace. We offer same-day estimates and affordable financing options, so you don’t have to break the bank.

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