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Three Reasons To Turn Your Furnace On Early

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It is a common misconception that you do not need to turn on your furnace before it’s time for it to combat the cold weather. However, this is not true. The best time to turn on your furnace is before the cool temperatures of fall settle into our region.

Here are three reasons why you should turn on your furnace before you need it:

Identify Possible Heating Problems

The most important reason to turn on your furnace before the temperatures drop is that it will give you a chance to identify any problems the system may be having before you need to put it to work through the winter. This will give you the opportunity to schedule a service technician to come to your home to repair your furnace before your home is left without heat during the coldest months of the year.

Learn HOW to turn your furnace on and what to look for »

Prepare For Cold Temperatures

If you were preparing for a long road trip, you would want to make sure that your car was working correctly before you left. So why shouldn’t you treat your furnace the same way? Turning it on, identifying whether or not it is working correctly, and scheduling either a repair or maintenance visit will help provide you with peace of mind in the coming months. High demands are placed on your furnace during the extreme winters of Ohio, and it is important for yours to be ready. Scheduling a maintenance visit will help to ensure that it will continue to run properly all through the season.

Save Time & Get Ahead Of Seasonal Demand

By turning your furnace on early and discovering whether you should schedule maintenance or a repair, you can avoid the busy season when it could take longer to schedule a time to have a service technician out to your home. Also, if you don’t realize that there is a problem before having your furnace tuned up, you could end up needing to schedule more appointments in order to have it repaired on another day, costing you both time and money.

Before turning on your furnace, don’t forget to check that you have a working carbon monoxide (CO) detector nearby. It is always best to be prepared.
Learn more about carbon monoxide safety here »

If you’ve turned your furnace on and it’s ready to go, request a maintenance visit today »

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