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Preparing Your Home For Allergy Season

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With summer coming to a close, you might already be noticing the affects of seasonal allergies whether you live in DaytonColumbus, or Cincinnati.

While it might be difficult to stay away from ragweed and other allergens while spending time outside, it is possible to make the inside of your home a clean and safe place to breathe.

Here are few simple ways to ‘allergy-proof’ the rooms in your house.


Dust mites are the most common cause of indoor allergies, especially in bedrooms. Wash your bedding every week and use hypoallergenic covers on your mattresses and pillows. Also, choosing a hardwood floor or something similar instead of carpet will reduce the likelihood of dust mites settling in the room.


With the multitude of possible allergens being tracked in and out of your kitchen on a daily basis, wiping off counters and sweeping floors regularly will go a long way to help you and your family breathe easier. Running vent fans while cooking can also prevent moisture from collecting and causing mildew.


As a room that collects moisture easily, it is important to make sure that your bathroom is kept clean in order to keep allergies at bay. Wash hand towels after only a couple of days and bath towels after no more than two or three uses. Using your exhaust fan while showering will also help you to remove moisture from your bathroom.

Living Room

As with the other rooms of your home, frequent cleaning such as dusting and using a vacuum with a HEPA filter are easy ways to cut down on indoor allergens. Keeping carpeted surfaces to a minimum and choosing leather over heavily upholstered furniture will also help with preventing allergens from collecting. However, if you already have these types of surfaces in your home, steam cleaning can help you remove any allergens that have already built up over time.

Whole Home

When combined with cleaning in individual rooms, there are several ways that you can work toward having a whole ‘allergy-proof’ house. Changing your furnace filter every month will help keep the air in your home clean all year long. You might even consider upgrading your filter. Some advanced filters, such as the Perfect Air Plus or Trane CleanEffects, can work with your heating and cooling system to remove allergens and microbes from your indoor air. This time of year, keeping your windows shut and your air conditioner on will also help you remove moisture from the air to prevent the growth of mold, as an air conditioner also acts as a dehumidifier.

While you may not be able remove 100% of allergens from your home, following these tips will go a long way in helping you breathe easier.

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