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Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Feature: 3D I-See Sensor

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Mitsubishi is just one of the great brands that Logan A/C & Heat Services provides for customers. While the ductless heat pump systems made by Mitsubishi Electric have been around for more than 30 years, the technology continues to improve and become more efficent and effective at bringing you total zone comfort.

This is because Mitsubishi offers some great and advanced systems that have features like the 3D i-see sensor. The indoor head of the ductless system has a sensor in it that takes a continuous thermal scan of the room and measures the temperature to detect exactly where people are in the room. It can even detect how hot or cold a person is. Once it detects the position and presence of people in the room, it will adjust the temperature and airflow to make sure the room is comfortable for everyone.

The main benefits of the i-see sensor feature include:

  • Smart and customized comfort, working in conjunction with the dual split vane design.
  • Help with heating and cooling, directing airflow where it is needed most.
  • Saving usage by not wasting energy on heating or cooling areas that don’t require it. When no one is in the room, the unit automatically switches to energy-saving mode.

When you have a Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating system with an i-see sensor in your home, you can have it on direct or indirect mode. Direct mode aims airflow toward individuals in the room to make sre that the individual is comfortable. Indirect mode diverts air away from room occupants, which can make the room comfortable for you and whomever visits your home.

Another popular feature that you could take advantage of is Natural Flow. Natural Flow is airflow that becomes more like a natural wind; it has a continuous gentle breeze that feels like you have your windows open. This feature can enhance the comfort for you and whomever visits your home.

Whether you are looking to improve the comfort of your sunroomupstairs bedroomroom additionconverted garagebasement or other hot and cold spots in your home, you can count on an effective solution with a quality installation from Logan Services, your local Elite Diamond Dealer, in combination with the advanced technology from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating.

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