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HVAC Replacement Service

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Thinking about replacing your HVAC system? It’s a great idea, for a variety of reasons. HVAC systems control most of your home comfort, and it’s a horrible experience when they break down unexpectedly. At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we offer the expert HVAC replacement Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati homeowners count on. We’d love to show you how a new system can meet your heating and cooling goals.

When to Replace Your HVAC System

A great HVAC system isn’t going to last forever. Eventually, you’ll need to replace it, and it’s better to do so while the equipment is still working. Here’s how to tell that you’re going to need replacement sometime soon.

1. You’re Not Getting Good Output

Your HVAC output is sometimes hard to quantify. Since it can decrease slightly over time, you might not notice that the quality is dropping. If your HVAC system is getting older, take a moment and think about the cooling and heating you used to get. If it was noticeably better at the beginning, you might be ready for the HVAC replacement Ohio homeowners prefer.

2. Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Utility bills go up and down, but they should be fairly predictable. Sit down with last year’s bills and compare them. If you’re paying a lot more for the same level of heating or cooling in the same season, and the price for energy hasn’t gone up significantly, you might have an efficiency problem.

3. You Have a Big Repair Bill

As HVAC systems get older, they are more likely to break down or need a complex repair. Sometimes it makes sense to repair an older system, but that’s not usually the case. If you’re looking at a repair bill that will cost you half of a new system and won’t extend the lifespan, call our HVAC replacement company for an estimate on a new one.

4. Your System Is Sized Incorrectly

HVAC systems are sized based on the home and the heating or cooling load. If your system is too large or small, you won’t get effective output. Small systems work too hard and burn out early. Overly large systems can’t control the home’s humidity. Getting a unit that is the right size can solve a variety of issues.

5. You’re Upgrading Your Home

At least once a decade, it’s a good idea to evaluate your home and its condition. It’s common to decide that you want to finish the basement or even add on to your home. Of course, this changes your HVAC needs. You might need to upgrade to a different system, or a bigger one, to ensure that you continue to get effective heating and cooling.

6. It’s 12+ Years Old

Even the best systems won’t last forever. If your HVAC system is nearly 12 years old, you should consider your options for HVAC replacement. Newer systems are usually much more efficient, and there are some technological advances you can enjoy in comfort and energy savings.

Call Logan A/C and Heat Services for Expert HVAC Replacement

At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we know that Ohio homeowners need a good HVAC system to handle the brutal winters and summers. That’s why we prioritize your needs. Since 1969, we have built an extensive service to the Ohio community, with three locations:

You don’t have to worry about replacing your HVAC system when you can call us for a same-day estimate and installation as soon as the next day. Our professional team is ready to serve you. For more information or to schedule the HVAC replacement Cincinnati residents trust, call us today.

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