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How Humidity Affects Your Home

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With high humidity being a normal part of the forecast this time of year, bad hair days are just the beginning of the discomfort that is experienced around DaytonCincinnati, and Columbus.

Here are some of the other ways that high levels of humidity can affect your home and your health, and what you can do to make the summer a little more comfortable.

How Humidity Affects Your Home

Humidity can do more than just affect the level of comfort in your home. With too much moisture in your home, it is likely that you could start to see water stains on hardwood floors or fabrics and condensation forming on windows. High levels of humidity could also be to blame for musty smells throughout your home or even mold forming.

How Humidity Affects Your Health

The temperature both in your home and outside tends to feel warmer than it is when there is high humidity. This is because it causes sweat to evaporate more slowly, or not at all, which keeps your body from cooling off naturally. This could even lead to overheating. The moisture in the air can also cause bacteria and viruses to thrive, especially if mold is forming, making it easier to become ill.

How To Remove Humidity From Your Home

There are a number of ways that you can lower the humidity levels in your home. You can run exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom when you’re cookingshowering, or running the dishwasher. Taking colder, shorter showers will help prevent excessive humidity from developing as well. Dehumidifiers can be a good option for areas that are prone to high humidity, such as a basement; however, a properly working air conditioner should be able to combat indoor humidity throughout your house. If you are experiencing high humidity in your home, it could be a sign of a bigger problem with your air conditioner.

How Your Air Conditioner Removes Humidity

As the hot, humid air is pulled out of your home, it passes over the metal fins of the evaporator coil within your air conditioner. Within the evaporator coil is refrigerant, which cools the coil. When the warm air comes in contact with the cold coil, it extracts the moisture from the air as condensation, which is then drained from the system. It does this every air conditioning cycle. With a more efficient, variable speed air conditioner, such as the Trane XV20i, the system will run at a slower speed for longer, which allows more moisture to be pulled from the air and a much higher level of comfort to be achieved.

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