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Customer Experience With Variable Speed HVAC For 2-Story Home

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Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s not uncommon for your home to experience uneven temperatures between the upstairs and downstairs areas. The varying temperature could stem from many different reasons, including insulation issues, poor HVAC efficiency, or a heating/cooling system that isn’t sized correctly for the home. No matter the reason, one great solution to help improve your temperature inconsistencies could be a variable speed heating and cooling system.

In the video, Denis and his family were living with a 15-year-old system that they quickly realized was losing efficiency and not keeping their 2-story home comfortable anymore. When they kept experiencing temperature inconsistencies between their home’s upstairs and downstairs, they knew it was time to get their furnace and A/C replaced. Denis says that he was having trouble with his home’s upstairs being 4 to 5 degrees hotter than the downstairs in the summer. Denis and his family were uncomfortable with the temperature differences and decided it was time to replace their system. They wanted something with better efficiency and something that would even out the temperature throughout the whole home.

The team at Logan Services was able to show Denis what a variable speed system could do to help resolve his heating/cooling concerns. The perfect home comfort solution when battling uneven temperatures, there are so many additional benefits that variable speed technology can provide. See why you should consider a variable speed HVAC system for your home:

Balanced Temperatures

Variable-speed or staged equipment HVAC systems are designed to run for longer intervals, which allows the temperature in your home to balance out. Running at longer intervals will allow for better airflow and circulation, and the conditioned air will move more evenly throughout the house.

Optimal Dehumidification

heating and cooling system that operates with variable speed will provide better dehumidification and allow for better breathing in your home. The system’s constant operation offers continuous dehumidification and better air filtration, keeping cleaner and healthier air circulating so you can breathe better.

Utility Savings

You will save on your home utility bills with variable speed technology due to the heating and cooling equipment running at the lowest capacity needed to provide optimal comfort. When the temperatures are more extreme, only then will the variable speed HVAC increase operation speed. You can rest assured knowing that your variable speed system is operating at the most efficient level to keep you comfortable inside, no matter what the weather looks like outside.

Extended HVAC Lifespan

Even though a variable speed system runs for longer intervals, it can be expected to have a better lifespan and more durability than a single-stage unit. Longer run times mean less wear and tear on the heating and cooling system due to hard starting and stopping. The continuous operation of variable speed equipment allows for more seamless performance and an optimized system condition. The less strain your HVAC equipment has placed on it, the longer it can be expected to run reliably.

If you are experiencing uneven temperatures on different levels of your home or want to take advantage of a variable speed system’s benefitscontact the friendly team at Logan Services in DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati.

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