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Cool Facts About Advances In Heat Pump Technology

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When it comes to cooling, an air conditioner and a heat pump work exactly the same. In the summer, both units will grab the heat from the indoor air and move it outside. Although the basic functions have always been the same, heat pump technology has come a long way.

Improvements In Efficiency

Heat pumps are now made to be more efficient than ever, using less energy while providing you with more comfort for your home. This could save you anywhere from 20% to 60% on your utility usage.

Better Dehumidification

The system has longer run times at lower speeds, keeping air on the coil longer. This allows for more humidity to be absorbed from the air and for your home to stay at a more consistent temperature.

Quieter Operation

Newer systems are also much quieter than their predecessors, usually falling into the decibel range of a typical conversation.

Greater Peace Of Mind

The heat pumps we install are now backed by a ten year warranty.

Efficiencies All Year Long

Were you tired of high electric bills through the winter? Have you had enough of using a sooty oil furnace to heat your home? Do you loath to think of how much your next propane tank fill-up will cost? If so, we have options for you.

In the winter, a heat pump will grab heat from the outdoor air and will move it inside. (Yes. Hot air molecules can still be obtained from outdoor air, even in colder temperatures!) Since a heat pump only has the capability to transfer heat, it will usually require a backup heat source such as a propane, electric, or gas furnace. Paired together, a heat pump is a great way to conserve backup heat on days with milder temperatures.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Regardless of season, many of our customers have shared their delight with us concerning their new heat pumps. Jason from Dayton says, “We are happy with our new system, it’s a great investment for our home.”

Are you ready to schedule your free in-home estimate to learn more about these products for yourself? We are happy to help! Our residential heating and cooling consultants are available throughout the week and also have times available on the weekends to answer your questions. We offer both Trane and Rheem heat pumps that can help keep you feeling comfortable all year long.

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