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Communicating Technology Offering Remote Solutions

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A More Responsive Way HVAC Dealers Can Now Help During A Heating/Cooling Emergency:

There’s NEVER a good time for heating or cooling emergency.  It can feel downright scary to have your heat go out in the middle of winter, or have your air conditioner suddenly stop working during a heatwave.  A lack of heating and cooling may contribute to the following problems:

  • Health complications
  • Safety concerns
  • Lack of controlled air conditioning compromising maximum Home Comfort


Our service team at Logan A/C and Heat Services is always looking for ways to better help homeowners in the greater Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati region with their heating and air conditioning replacement and projects.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with Trane Technologies and Nexia Diagnostics

Nexia Diagnostics allows both homeowners and heating/cooling service technicians to utilize system information collected by thermostats.  Thermostats like the Nexia XL824 and Nexia XL850 can deliver data and communication to HVAC dealers such as Logan A/C and Heat Services.  This communication brings a lot of value to homeowners, especially when you need help quickly.


Newer HVAC systems, including the Trane 20v air conditioner or Trane 20v heat pump along with a Trane XC95m furnace, ‘communicate’ to each other through the advanced technology of Nexia diagnostics.  If the system senses a problem, the system sends signals to our service department. Simply stated, this communication helps us keep an eye on your system and monitor it to make sure everything is running ok.  If something is wrong with your heating/cooling system, our service team will receive an alert.  The data received is real-time information so HVAC service technicians can address the problem in a timely manner in an effort to quickly resolve the situation.


The communicating technology allows our service team to pre-diagnose the problems that are occurring. Systems which malfunction may at times be able to be reset or fixed without even having someone come to your home.  Our service technicians will assess the error codes (similar to Check Engine lights) and/or performance data to determine if the problem can be resolved remotely.  This technology may help reduce the need for a service call which in turn could help you save time and money.


Communicating systems such as the  Trane 20V air conditioner/heat pump and the Trane XC95m working along with a Nexia thermostat is your best defense against untimely/expensive repairs.  The information provided through a Nexia alert to Logan Services gives us essential information that helps cut down on time needed to manually diagnose a failure.  If a service call is necessary, our service technician will be prepared with any tools or parts he may need to properly repair your heating and air conditioning system.  We want to get your home feeling back to normal in as little time possible. 

If you already have a Trane 20V or Trane XC95m, your home is equipped with the benefits of remote diagnostics.  If it’s time for a new furnaceair conditioner or heat pump, research the Trane XC95m furnaces and Trane 20V air conditioners and heat pumps to add value to your home and peace-of-mind to your day knowing that there’s an extra layer of safety and efficiency added to these home heating and cooling systems.  Our team of experts is available to give you a FREE estimate on your project now.

**In our effort to slow/eliminate the spread of COVID-19, we only checking alerts during normal business hours. However, we do have the ability to check should an emergency arise.

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