HVAC Maintenance Service

If you want your heating and cooling to work great from season to season, you need to call Logan A/C and Heat Services. We have

HVAC Glossary

AC — Abbreviation for alternating current, a type of electric current in which the polarity is constantly reversing, causing the electron flow to reverse. ACCA — Air-Conditioning

HVAC Buying Guide

Planning to replace your heating/cooling system? The purchase of an HVAC system is often a very unfamiliar project for homeowners, as most only have to make the upgrade

Exploring the SEER2 Regions

When it comes to understanding and optimizing residential air conditioning systems in North America, the concept of SEER2 regions is absolutely essential. These designated zones

How Long Do AC Units Last?

Curious about the lifespan of your AC unit? There are many factors that influence how long your unit will last, from unit quality to regular

What Are AC Floor Units?

Curious about AC floor units? Want to know how they work, how they differ from other units, and how to choose the right one for

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