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AC Breakdown? 6 Things To Check First

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Ohio summers are hot and humid! Because of this, you’ll want to be mindful of the simple, DIY things you can do to revive your air conditioner in the unfortunate situation of an AC breakdown.

If you experience a ‘no-cool’ situation at home, our team is here to help; however, to save you time and money in the instance of a simple resolution, before you call for service on your air conditioner, here are 6 things you can check!

Start your troubleshooting with these 3 easy things…

Check For A Dirty Furnace Filter

Did you know that your furnace filter may need to be changed more frequently in the hot summer months? Because your system is running so much, dust and debris circulate even more, clogging up your filter at a faster pace than the mild months.

A clogged furnace filter can cause your system to become overworked, which is a common reason for an A/C breakdown in the summer. Ensure the filter is clean, and restart your system.

Rule Out A Simple Thermostat Malfunction

Does your thermostat operate on batteries? If so, your a/c ‘breakdown’ could be the result of dead thermostat batteries. Check the stat before you assume the issue is with your A/C. We recommend changing the thermostat batteries every year to avoid this situation. Replace the batteries in your thermostat (if applicable) and restart the system.

If your thermostat does not operate on batteries, you may still consider going to the thermostat to ensure that the A/C is set to ‘Cool’ mode; turn the AC off and then back on again to see if this resets the system.

Reset Your Circuit Breaker

When your air conditioner is operating at full capacity on these hot days, it’s possible that it could trip your breaker. A tripped breaker can also be the result of severe weather and lightning in your area. Your air conditioner breakdown could be as simple as a trip to your electrical panel.

Go find the electrical box and check to make sure that the switch for the air conditioner is turned to ‘ON’. If it is, you may still consider switching it off and then back on again to reset the system.

The system is still not cooling? Here are 3 more things you can check…

Check Your Outdoor Disconnect Box Fuses

Locate the outdoor disconnect box by your air conditioner. Open it up to see the status of your fuses. Whether a power surge occurred or the fuse went bad on it’s own, you made need to replace the fuse with a new one. You should be able to purchase a new fuse at your local hardware store.

Helpful tip: Some disconnect boxes will have an indicator that lights up when a fuse has gone bad. If you see a light inside the box, you’ll know the issue lies with your fuse.

Ensure A Properly Working Condensate Pump

Do you notice water leaking at the bottom of your furnace? The problem could be your condensate pump. We recommend pouring a cup of white vinegar into the drain (let that sit for an hour and then follow up with a cup of hot water) a few times a year to ensure that drain line stays clean. Failure to do so might cause a build-up, resulting in a water leak. Feel free to shake the pump gently to help the water pass through.

Determine If You Have A Frozen Indoor Coil

Water on the floor under your furnace could also mean a frozen coil. If you notice this and/or your system is blowing HOT air, you’ll want to shut off the system for 6 hours to allow the coil to thaw. After 6 hours, you can try turning the system back on with a clean furnace filter.

Helpful tip: A frozen coil usually means you will need a service appointment. Our technicians aren’t able to diagnose what the problem is until the coil has thawed. Turn the system off and make the call for help.

If you’ve given some of these a try and still haven’t resolved the issue, it’s time to call the professionals at Logan A/C & Heat Services! Our expert technicians can diagnose the proper fix for your system, which can include some of the most common reasons for an A/C malfunction. Call our team at 866-259-3509 or submit an online service request today for assistance with your air conditioner in the DaytonColumbus, and Cincinnati areas!

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Consider Your Options: Breakdown Of An Old AC System

Consider the age of your HVAC system; if it is 12-15 years or older, it may be time to look at replacement options. This typically becomes the time when the cost to replace the system outweighs the cost to repair.

Our team offers free, in-home estimates for new system installation. During that appointment, you’ll be informed on equipment and efficiency choicescurrent promotions, rebates available, as well as financing options.

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