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3 Reasons To Consider A Mini Split System

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless System

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Are you looking into the options you have for your heating and cooling needs? Sometimes there is that one room that just won’t stay as warm or cool as the rest of the home and it would be nice to have an energy-efficient way to remedy that problem.

With a ductless system, like the Mitsubishi mini split, you can properly heat or cool individual rooms or small home areas with ease. In fact, there are three main reasons to consider this type of HVAC solution.

No Waste Energy

With a mini split ductless unit, there is no waste. No wasting precious dollars on overall home energy costs, no wasting space in your windows by a bulky air conditioning unit hanging precariously out the window, and no waste of time and money by adding costly ductwork in your home.

Latest HVAC Technology

With the up-to-date technology found in these mini split units, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Amazingly quiet operation on both indoor and outdoor units
  • Inverter technology which supplies superior heating or cooling
  • Reliability
  • Wired or wireless remotes offer ease of control for our mini split units

Because Mitsubishi is always striving for higher technology in an ever-compact design, you will get the most efficient output from the least obtrusive design.

Allergy Abatement 

With a ductless HVAC option, you will avoid the many allergens associated with the dusty, dirty ducts of a traditional ducted heating and cooling system. You can see what your air is traveling through as well as have easy access to the unit to routinely clean and maintain it. While these ductless units may not prevent allergies, they provide an exceptional alternative to the dusty, musty ducts.

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