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24/7 Emergency Assistance

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Our team at Logan Services is ready to help you get your home back to feeling comfortable again.

Classification of Emergency Services Available

Your HVAC system works like a clock, with various pieces all needed for ideal cooling and heating. When one part fails, you may not know what is wrong. You need an expert like us to come to the rescue.

Below are the emergencies our team can respond to for 24/7 assistance:

  • Water Leak: If you notice water actively leaking near your HVAC system, shut the system down and make the call for help.
  • Gas Leak: Whether you can smell gas in your home or you’ve been notified of a leak, call the Fire Department for immediate assistance, then notify our team if you suspect the leak is HVAC related.
  • Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Present In The Home: If your home alert detectors are sounding off, you’ll want to assess the situation quickly. Make the call to your Fire Department if the circumstances warrant it with fire/smoke in your home. If your CO detectors are going off, get your family out of the house immediately. With extreme caution, you may want to also turn your HVAC system off and open your windows to let the CO escape from your home. If you suspect the CO leak is a result of a faulty furnace, give our team a call for 24/7 assistance.
  • Operational HVAC Issues: If your heating/cooling system was installed by Logan Services in the past year, we provide 24/7 assistance with repairs to that system within that 1 year labor warranty.

HVAC Breakdown Service

Experiencing a furnace or air conditioner breakdown? If your system is at a ‘no heat’ or ‘no cool’ status, call our professional heating and cooling repair team for help! We offer extended hours of service to help get your HVAC system operating again. Call 866-840-1063 (option 2) to speak with a representative and to request after hours service for your broken A/C, furnace, heat pump or air handler!

Financing Options for Emergency HVAC Repair

At Logan A/C and Heat Services, we know that one of the biggest stressors families face with a breakdown of heating or cooling is the cost to repair it. Your HVAC system is an investment that might take hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix. That is why we offer convenient financing options to repair or replace your system. Our financing is based on your needs and works with your budget.

For 50-plus years, Logan A/C and Heat Services has been helping Ohio homeowners beat the brutal summers and winters we get every year.

Our three locations serve these metropolitan areas:

When you have an HVAC emergency in your home, contact Logan A/C and Heat Services today.

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