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Maintenance Plan Subscription Terms and Conditions


This agreement provides a more convenient maintenance plan option that allows our customers to pay a flat monthly fee. This is a one-year agreement that will automatically renew unless customers call Logan Services Inc. (844-224-4561) to cancel.  Customers still have the option to pay a single, yearly fee as they see fit. This service agreement is not mandatory to receive services from Logan Services Inc. Logan Services Inc.’s maintenance plans allow the customer to receive a discounted service call fee of $79. Additionally, customers will receive a 1-year parts and labor warranty on all repairs completed by Logan Services Inc. technicians. This service agreement is backed by the good faith of Logan Services Inc. and is not an insurance agreement of any kind.


Obligation(s) of Logan Services Inc.

Logan Services Inc. as the administrator of this service contract agrees to provide the customer an annual precision cooling tune-up, an annual precision heating tune-up, priority service during regular business hours, 15% off all labor and repairs, 15% off of all indoor air-quality products, applicable discounts on system replacement (Up to $1500 value), and no overtime rates on repairs. Any additional products and services listed outside of the aforementioned services and benefits is up to the discretion of Logan Services Inc.  Additionally, any unused services are NOT eligible for reimbursement.

Prices may vary depending on the application of the HVAC system that the homeowner possesses. Traditional furnaces, heat pump, air-handlers, and air conditioner maintenance plan pricing are $23.99 a month for the 1-year period. Customers do have the option to pay one flat fee of $279 for the same advantages as previously mentioned. Dual fuel systems are priced at $25.99 a month with the customers having the option to pay one flat fee of $309. For homes with additional systems (either traditional or dual fuel) customers can elect to enroll additional systems for an additional $14.99 per month.


Obligation(s) of Customer

Customers are obligated to pay the fees associated with this maintenance plan in accordance with the system they possess as outlined in “Obligation(s) of Logan Services Inc.” section of these terms and conditions. Logan Services Inc. also reserves the right to refuse service to any home that we deem is unsafe for working conditions or has the potential to harm our employees, the customer, or any additional bystanders. In the event that Logan Services refuses service for circumstances mentioned in the previous sentence, the customer may receive a refund commensurate to what they have paid into the maintenance plan agreement.  Customers of this maintenance plan are required to maintain the payments and obligations in order to maintain the “parts and labor warranty” of any repairs completed during the duration of this maintenance agreement.


 Renewal of Maintenance Plan

This maintenance plan will be effective on the day of the customer’s first received payment and will be effective for (12) months thereafter. After (12) months this maintenance plan will automatically renew for an additional (12) months unless the customer contacts Logan Services Inc. (844-224-4561) to cancel.


Changes to Agreement

Any changes made to this agreement by Logan Services Inc. must be communicated to the customer of this service agreement within 45 days of the change. Changes that may be made in the future potentially involve price, services provided, or additional exclusions. You will have the option to cancel this agreement for no cost during this 45-day period. It will be deemed acceptable to make changes if the customer of this service agreement does not communicate the desire to cancel within the 45-day period. If the customer of this service agreement fails to make monthly payments, Logan Services is released from obligation to uphold the terms of this agreement as defined in “Obligations of Logan Services Inc.”. In the event that a payment is decline or failed the customer has 14 days until the plan is cancelled – after this 14 day period, the customer must pay the cancellation fee of $129 in order to receive any future services from Logan Services Inc.


Cancellation of Maintenance Plans  

Upon reception of these terms and conditions, whether digital, hard copy, or other reasonable communication medium, the customer of this maintenance agreement, or Logan Services Inc. as the administrator of this service agreement reserve the right to cancel this plan within 30 days of the first payment, with the customer eligible to receive a refund commensurate to what they have paid in the first month. If the customer does not contact Logan Services Inc. within 30 days of receiving these terms and conditions to cancel, then it is understood that the customer of this maintenance agreement agrees with the terms and conditions set forth. Additionally, if the customer received a tune up in the first 14 days and wishes to cancel this service agreement within the first 14 days, they will be subject to the $129 buy-out fee.


Clarification or Questions 

Customers may reach out to Logan Services Inc. at (844-224-4561) for any questions or clarification regarding the terms and conditions of this maintenance agreement.


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