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Your Heating System: Repair Or Replace?

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You might ask yourself, at what point do you stop patching an old system and start investing in a new one? When does it make financial sense to abandon your old furnace? Here are three signs to watch for while considering replacement rather than another repair:

  1. Your Furnace has reached retirement age
    Age is cruel to furnaces, often causing problems to internal components. Retirement age for a furnace is around 12-15 years. After that point they may still be able to perform some heating functions, but they will be slower, will use more costly energy, and will most likely suffer from more frequent breakdowns
  2. Your Furnace continously leaves you stranded
    No matter how much love, support and money you pour into your furnace, it always seems to quit working on the coldest days. You can’t continue to do the same thing and then expect a different result. If you want better results, change what you are doing! Upgrade to a newer more efficient furnace and enjoy the savings of your time, fewer repairs, and reduced energy bills.
  3. Your furnace is doing less but using more energy
    One of the best ways to know if it is time to replace your furnace is to take a look at your energy bills. Compare the energy use to the same time last year. If there is a large spike, or your bills have been steady to climb the last several years, it can be a sign that it is time for a new furnace. As furnaces get older, their parts wear down and they become much less energy efficient. It is your furnace’s way of warning you that its time to think ahead. If you notice one or more of these symptoms, it may be time to consider replacing the old system.

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