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Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

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You’ve been comfortable in your home all winter season so far, but then you notice a chill in the air and a temperature on the thermostat that doesn’t match what the HVAC system is set to. When you go over to your vents, you realize that cold air is coming through. You think to yourself, ‘what’s going on?’.

There are multiple reasons this could be happening, but one of the most common reasons is your furnace filter.

The furnace filter is a critical part of the furnace running correctly and in good working condition. Not only does your HVAC filter help protect the blower fan from dust, hair, and other things in the air that the return duct pulls in, it also filters these contaminants from being recycled through the air that you breathe indoors.

Furnace filters need to be changed on a regular/monthly basis. It’s easy to change your filter, and it has more benefits than just helping with the cold air blowing from your furnace.

Changing your HVAC filter can assist with the following:

Create Cleaner Indoor Air

dirty air filter is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This can lead to possible allergy problems for members of the household.

Lower Your Energy Costs

When the filter is dirty, the system has to work harder to put out the same amount of heat or air that it usually would. This will cause your utility usage rates to increase.

Help Avoid Service Calls

When dirt and other gunk accumulates in the filter, air can’t pass through the filter. If there is a block of airflow in your furnace, it can cause the system to overheat and overwork. In this situation, your furnace is likely to blow cold air or break down altogether. Keeping up with a clean furnace filter can help avoid the cost and inconvenience of service call.

Extend The Lifespan Of Your System

As previously mentioned, a system that is repeatedly operating with a clogged filter will be overworked. This additional stress and unnecessary wear-and-tear to the equipment could decrease the lifespan of the unit. By staying on top of this monthly routine, you will be doing your part to give your system the best chance at many more years of operation.

Changing your air filter is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your system in great working condition. It can also help with different problems you may be having with your system, including cold air coming in the vents when your furnace is running.

If you think there is another problem or need the professionals to take a look at it, call or text Logan A/C & Heat Services to schedule an appointment.

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