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A Spring Cleaning Guide For Your HVAC System

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With the arrival of the Spring season, it’s a common ritual to boost your cleaning efforts both inside and outside of your home.

While you are transitioning your home for warmer weather, be mindful of the spring cleaning tasks that can make the most impact on your home heating and cooling system.

Read on to learn about our HVAC Spring Cleaning Tips:

Dust and Sweep Your Home

Spring is a great time to thoroughly dust and sweep your home from top to bottom. Eliminating dust and other indoor contaminants from circulating in your home’s air can be a great way to start your HVAC spring cleaning.

Vacuum Your HVAC Registers

Collect the dust from the vents on your walls/ceilings. Remove the floor vents to eliminate any particles that have become trapped in the opening of your registers throughout your home.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Your home’s furnace filter is a critical part to your HVAC system working correctly; it also plays a vital role in making sure your air is clean. The air filter helps to pull allergens, dust, dirt, pet dander, etc. out of the air, so check and change the filter monthly or as needed for best results in system operation and air cleanliness.

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Switch Your Humidifier To Summer Mode

Did you operate a whole-home humidifier this past winter? Now is a great time to check that humidifier pad. Remove and discard it if it has been heavily used, and then turn your toggle switch from winter to summer and turn down the humidity number on your humidistat.

Trim Back Plants & Shrubs From Your A/C

It won’t be long before we see more foilage and plant growth in our area. Inspect your air conditioner; make a plan to trim back any plants that may begin to surround the outdoor cooling unit in the weeks to come.

Spray Down The Outdoor Cooling System

When the air conditioner is OFF, hose down the cooling equipment to help remove any unwanted debris from sticking to the coils. A clean coil will operate more efficiently than a dirty coil.

Be Proactive With Scheduling HVAC Services

Is it time for A/C replacement? Are you ready to schedule your spring ac maintenance? Could your home benefit from a duct cleaning or indoor air quality enhancement product? Spring is a great time to tackle some of those HVAC projects, so don’t delay on scheduling these services. Beat the summer rush and contact us TODAY for all of your heating or cooling system needs.

clean home will help contribute to the level of comfort you experience. For all of your other comfort needs, let our team know if we can assist you with home heating/cooling repairreplacement, or routine maintenance.

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