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Mini-Split Systems vs. Baseboard Heat

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While high-quality baseboard heat can provide a simple and cost-effective supplement to central air for homeowners, mini-split heat pump systems provide an option that rivals baseboard in every critical aspect without the necessity of invasive ductwork.

Take a look at how these two types of duct-free systems stack up against each other:


The first electrical baseboard heater was invented back in the 1920s, while ductless mini-split systems where introduced in the 1970s.

Size & Location

Baseboard heaters run the length of the wall and require proximity to a window to operate correctly. Mitsubishi systems are small and sleek, and unlike baseboard heaters, which can’t be blocked by furniture or other household objects, heat pumps are mounted out of the way near the ceiling.


Baseboard heaters can distribute even heat, but they can take longer to warm up a room. Mitsubishi ductless systems deliver fast, efficient comfort. The mini-split can also function to heat AND cool a home, so no need for those annoying window air conditioner units!


Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are preferable in most climates, as they easily cut electricity use by 50% when compared with electric resistance heating.


Baseboard heaters can be noisy and give off a foul odor; a burning smell can occur after periods of non use because of the accumulation of dust. Baseboard heat also produces a very dry heat that can lead to raw throats, itchy eyes and even bloody noses. Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps, on the other hand, provide fresh, breathable heat that does not result in dry irritation. Ductless mini-split systems provide greater precision temperature control.

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