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Intelli-Heat Furnace Compatibility: Seamless Heating Solutions

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Intelli-heat Heat Pump Coils are designed with advanced compatibility features that allow for integration with various manufacturer’s Furnaces HVAC systems, thermostats, and smart home platforms. Their modular design and universal control boards make them adaptable to a variety of residential HVAC systems. The Intelli-heat System aims to provide homeowners and contractors with flexibility in designing an optimal heating and cooling setup.

Understanding Intelli-Heat

Ohio’s climate sees both very cold winter days and milder days where temperatures climb above 50 degrees. This wide range of outdoor temperatures is why a Dual Fuel “hybrid” heating system makes a lot of sense for many homes.

The Intelli-Heat System from Mitsubishi Electric and Trane combines an outdoor heat pump unit with an indoor gas furnace unit. During mild outdoor temperatures, the heat pump uses outside air to warm your home, and operates in its most efficient heating range, as the outdoor temperature drops during the day or at night, the system automatically switches to the gas furnace and allows it to provide higher heating output and also operate within it’s highest efficiency range. By utilizing the heat pump and gas furnace, to heat the home and at the same time, heat the home at their most efficient operating ranges, the Intelli-heat system heating system provides steady, comfortable, highly efficient heating for Ohio’s changing weather.

Benefits of Intelli-Heat

With its advanced technology and seamless operation, the Intelli-Heat System delivers major benefits:

  • Energy Savings: By allowing each system to operate in their most efficient ranges, heating and cooling costs by up to 40% compared to lower efficiency systems, the Intelli-Heat provides significant energy savings.
  • Customized Comfort: Intelligent heating, cooling and fully automatic, self-optimizing controls maintain the exact temperature throughout the home and do it at the lowest costs.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: Available air filter systems can remove up to 97% of particulate from the air and at the same time, reduce/eliminate allergens, odors, dust mites, viruses, etc. to greatly improve indoor air quality and provide a much healthier home environment.
  • Quiet Operation: With ultra quiet, library like, sound levels, the Intelli-heat system can provide year-round comfort with barely noticeable sound levels both inside and out.
  • Attractive Aesthetic: The compact, neutral-colored outdoor unit blends nicely into any exterior space and with nearly silent operation, allows you to enjoy your outdoor space again.

Criteria for Intelli-Heat Furnace Compatibility

When installing an Intelli-Heat system, it’s important to ensure all system components are compatible to deliver optimal performance and efficiency. The modular design of Intelli-Heat heat pump systems and gas furnaces allows for integration with a wide range of HVAC equipment, thermostats, and smart home platforms. Every Intelli-heat system is carefully configured to ensure a seamless, highly efficient heating and cooling system that will provide years of trouble-free operation.

The key factors to consider for Intelli-Heat furnace compatibility include:

  • Thermostat wiring and compatibility:
    • Most systems use standard thermostat wiring.
    • Compatible terminals for control of heating, cooling, fan, etc. are the same as other systems.
    • Matching wall plates provide secure mounting and a clean, crisp appearance.
  • Proper HVAC tonnage match:
    • Properly matched heat pump and gas furnace capacity sizing ensures year-round comfort.
    • System under sizing/oversizing issues, inefficient operation and resulting component issues are thereby eliminated.
  • Control board inputs/outputs:
    • Provides exact, digital operations with little to no input required from the homeowner.
    • Circuit boards are located in secure, weathertight enclosures, both inside and out, to ensure reliable, trouble-free operation.
  • Duct connections:
    • Secure, airtight fittings connect the new system to the existing duct system.
    • Approved duct materials and sealing methods ensure an airtight system.
  • App/platform integration:
    • Compatible apps, hubs, and devices allow for seamless operation and allow the consumer to access their system remotely, via a smartphone, laptop or tablet if they so choose.
    • Enables easy to access control.

Consulting with an HVAC professional, that is well versed with the Intelli-Heat’s system specifications and combinations is the best way to guarantee complete compatibility across all system components. A fully integrated setup delivers ideal comfort, amazing performance and incredibly low operating costs.

Evaluating Your Current Heating System

Upgrading your home’s heating system to a Intelli-Heat heat pump/furnace system requires making sure your existing infrastructure is fully compatible first. This comprehensive inspection involves assessing thermostat wiring, HVAC equipment sizing, ductwork configuration, control integration and more.

Attempting to inspect all these complex components on your own is extremely difficult. The experts at Logan A/C and Heat Services have the technical knowledge and experience to thoroughly evaluate your current heating system and provide you with the best home comfort solution. Investing in a professional pre-inspection provides peace of mind and ensures your new HVAC system operates properly, reliably and efficiently.

Contact Logan A/C and Heat Services to learn more about our Intelli-Heat HVAC systems and schedule a in home visit to see what we can do to improve your home comfort.

Compatible HVAC Systems

Is Your HVAC System Compatible with a Intelli-heat System?

In addition to the furnace itself, a Intelli-heat system is designed to integrate with components like a central A/C, heat pumps, humidifiers, UV lights, and more.

Our in-home consultant will perform a thorough evaluation of your current system and provide several options to best compliment your home’s heating and cooling needs and design a system that fits your budget.

Compatible Home Automation Systems

Intelli-Heat systems can be controlled with a conventional, easy to use thermostat. They can also be controlled through smart home hubs and assistants like Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, and IFTTT. With a compatible thermostat, homeowners can use voice commands to adjust the temperature, set schedules, and more. Intelli-Heat systems also offers its own proprietary mobile app for monitoring and control when connected to WiFi. Usage data can even be reviewed to optimize settings and identify any maintenance needs before issues arise.

Here are some examples of useful automation for Intelli-Heat using smart home platforms:

  • Shut off the furnace if smoke is detected for safety. Provide alerts if water is detected on the floor near the furnace, at floor drain or near the sump pump.
  • Send mobile alerts if the indoor temperature strays from the desired temperature.
  • Integrate with a smart humidifier to maintain ideal humidity during the winter and provide optimized dehumidification during the cooling season.
  • Connect smart sensors throughout the home for whole-home temperature monitoring to provide more even comfort throughout the home.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Like any system, it is recommended that an Intelli-Heat system require periodic maintenance for optimal performance. The filters should be checked and changed every 1-3 months to allow proper airflow, the outdoor coil should be cleaned to maintain maximum efficiency, etc.

It is recommended that a technician inspect the system’s operation, at least once annually, to ensure the system is operating at full heating and cooling capacity, peak efficiency, and to ensure trouble-free/worry-free operation.

Over time, upgrades like higher efficiency air filters, humidifiers or dehumidifiers. new thermostats, etc. may make sense to maintain/enhance the system’s energy savings and functionality.

Trust Logan for Installation & Maintenance

With over 50 years of HVAC experience, Logan Services is Greater Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus’ top choice for installation and ongoing maintenance. What sets Logan A/C & Heat Services apart is our complete commitment to customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and caring service.

Here’s why homeowners trust Logan:

  • Expert Technicians & Flawless Installations: Logan’s factory-trained technicians properly install the Intelli-Heat System to manufacturer specifications using detailed checklists and manager oversight.
  • Quality Workmanship: Our “Quality Trifecta” of teamwork, communication, and commitment ensures every job meets high standards.
  • Educational Experience: We take the time to walk you through your new system, address all questions, and handle warranty details so you have true peace of mind.
  • Stellar Track Record: Logan is a Diamond Elite Contractor for Mitsubishi Electric and the largest volume Trane dealer in Ohio.
  • Dedicated Service: As a family-owned local business, Logan provides personalized maintenance to maximize your system’s performance.
  • Industry Leader: Logan’s 50+ years of experience, awards, and accreditations give homeowners confidence in their expertise.

At Logan, your satisfaction means everything to us. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your home with an Intelli-Heat System.

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