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How Efficient Is Your Furnace Today?

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Like any appliance, a furnace can lose efficiency over time. The older your heating system is, the more wear and tear it has endured, which causes the overall efficiency to decrease.

The general rule of thumb, as determined by experts, is that a furnace could lose approximately 1% of its efficiency every year. Unfortunately, it is often unavoidable, even with proper maintenance and care. This would mean that your 15-year-old, 80% furnace could be somewhere closer to 65% efficient.

While maintenance cannot prevent lost-efficiency entirely, there are some things you should be doing regularly to allow your system to operate at peak performance:

Change Your Furnace Filter

What seems like an unimportant chore, changing or cleaning your furnace filter regularly is the first and the best thing you can do to expand the lifespan of your system.

Receive Seasonal Tune-Ups

Prepare your heating system for colder weather BEFORE the frigid temperatures arrive. Our expert service technicians will be able to ensure that your system is running properly and as efficiently as possible for the heating season.

Look For Warning Signs

One of the biggest culprits for lost efficiency is a system that is operating with worn-down or broken parts. Don’t ignore strange sounds that come from your furnace and ductwork. For the well-being of your system, call our team of professionals to take care of any issues promptly. Read our guide to furnace noises and what they mean »

If you’ve done the math and aren’t satisfied with the current efficiency of your system, it might be time to take a look at replacement options. Take advantage of current furnace promotions, utility rebates, and tax credits that may be available for your HVAC replacement!

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