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Five Reasons to Change Your Furnace Filter

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Is your furnace filter ready to handle cold weather? Filters can get dirty quickly, especially during the summer and winter months when your HVAC unit gets used the most.

We suggest at least checking your filters on a monthly basis. You would be surprised how inexpensive they can be (far less than a service call). It is worth it to change them every month.

Below you will find the top reasons to change your filter, and often…

  1. Neglecting to change your filter shortens the life span of nearly all furnace parts. This can lead to an earlier than planned system replacement. Constant system operation with dirty filters will shorten the life of air conditioners too, leaving the evaporator coil at risk to freezing.
  2. Not having a clean filter causes a blockage of air flow through your system, which can result in an overworked furnace that is likely to shut down.
  3. A clean filter helps you avoid a service call. Nobody is happy sitting at home waiting for the HVAC technician to show up. We try our best to get to you as soon as we can, but we sometimes have unforeseen delays.
  4. Furnace problems due to dirty filters are most likely to occur during the worst possible weather due to longer run times (i.e. 2:00 AM in subzero temperatures). This could increase the cost of repair, and lead to a restless sleep for members of the household.
  5. Dirt inside the furnace due to poor filtering is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, and can be carried throughout the system. This leads to poor air quality for members of the household and potential allergy problems for some.

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