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Water Conditioners vs Water Softeners: What’s The Difference?

water conditioner and water softener side by side

Knowing what type of water treatment system will work best for our home can be extremely difficult. With the multitude of treatment systems out there, you can only sometimes be sure which one your water and home need. Water conditioners and water softeners are just some of those water treatment systems.  Water conditioners treat hard […]

Water Softener vs. Water Filter: Which One’s Right For You?

Choosing between a water softener vs water filter

We all want to know that the water coming into our homes is healthy, whether we use it on our bodies or ingest it. One way to ensure that your water is better for you is to use a water treatment system. There are many ways to treat the water in your home, and some […]

What Does A Water Softener Remove?

water softeners

We all know that it is crucial for us to feel comfortable with the water coming out of our faucets in our sinks and bathtubs. Many of us in the Ohio region have hard water, which isn’t harmful but can affect your everyday life – making you feel dry, making things more challenging to clean, […]

What To Do if Water Is Leaking from Your Ceiling  

bucket collecting water from leaking ceiling

Discovering water leaking from your ceiling can be a homeowner’s nightmare. This article provides comprehensive guidance on what steps to take when faced with this issue. Addressing a ceiling water leak promptly is crucial to prevent further damage and avoid costly repairs. Ignoring a ceiling leak can lead to a host of problems including severe […]

High Water Bill But No Visible Leak? Find Out Why

money down the drain from hidden water leaks

Have you noticed that your water bill has been high, but there’s no visible leak? Well, it may be caused by an invisible leak. An invisible leak can be caused by many different things — all of them resulting in a high water bill. If and when you notice a high water bill, you must […]

How Long Does It Take for a Water Heater to Heat Up?

When you shower or use hot water from the faucet, you may have to give it a few seconds to warm up, but how long does it take for your water heater to actually heat up? It’s true different types and sizes of water heaters take different lengths of time to heat up and provide […]

Different Types of Water Heaters & How to Choose

Your water heater is used every day, so it is crucial to find the right type for your home’s comfort. So many variables go into ensuring you have the water heater that works best for your household, especially when there are 6 main types of water heaters available. Looking for the right water heater means […]

Descaling Your Water Heater: The Complete Guide

water heater descaling

Water Heater Maintenance  Like many other home appliances, water heaters require routine maintenance to operate efficiently and last as long as possible. One essential maintenance task for water heaters is descaling, which involves removing limescale buildup from the water heater tank. Limescale, a hard, chalky deposit of calcium carbonate, can greatly reduce your hot water […]

Parts of a Water Heater: The Complete Guide

Parts of a gas hot water heater

Life today is full of all the trappings of modern convenience, including something many of us almost take for granted – nearly instant hot water available on demand. Water heaters usually don’t come to anyone’s mind until they’re suddenly not working. But how do we keep these critical household systems maintained and always working their […]

Does a Gas Water Heater Need Electricity?

do gas water heaters need electricity to work?

Will Gas Water Heaters Work Without Electricity? Insights Into Gas Water Heater Operations Does a gas water heater need electricity? You may think that a gas water heater only uses gas as its fuel source to heat the water in your home. However, some water heater models use or require electricity for certain functions. Due […]

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