Allergy-Proof These 4 Rooms In Your Home

Fall is coming! While autumn is a beautiful time of year, with it comes those annoying seasonal allergies. It might be difficult to escape the ragweed when you are outside, but your home should be your safe zone.

Learn how to allergy-proof your home, starting with these rooms...

living room comfort

Living Room

If you suffer from allergies, you might want to keep carpeted surfaces to a minimum, choose leather over heavily upholstered furniture, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and dust often.


kitchen comfort


Be sure to run you vent fans when cooking to keep mildew from forming, wipe off counters and sweep floors regularly, as new allergens are being tracked into your home daily.


bathroom comfort


Use your exhaust fan while showering to rid your bathroom of moisture. Wash bath towels after 2-3 uses, and hand towels after a couple of days to keep allergies at bay.


bedroom comfort


Dust mites are the most common indoor allergen. Use hypoallergenic casings on your beds, mattresses and pillows. Wash your bedding weekly and choose a hard floor over carpet.


Lastly, during ragweed season, keep your windows shut and the air conditioner on. An air conditioner also functions as a dehumidifier, so in addition to keeping comfortable, you are also removing moisture from the air to prevent the growth of mold.

You can also consider upgrading your furnace filter. Some of the advanced filters, such as the Trane CleanEffects can remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens from the air that passes through the filter.

While it may be impossible to completely allergy-proof your home, if you follow these tips you may find yourself breathing easier this fall season.


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