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5 Solutions To Cooling A Hot Room

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We all have at least one room in our home that is uncomfortable for a good part of the year. With the hot and humid days we’ve had this year, you were sure to have avoided these poorly conditioned rooms, leaving them unoccupied.

You don’t have to sacrifice good usable space; check out these 5 solutions to cooling those problem areas of your home:

Get Strategic With Landscaping

Plant trees and shrubs in areas where they can help fend off the sun’s rays and provide adequate shade to problem areas of your home.

Invest In Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains can keep light and heat out during the summer. Because 10-25% of thermal energy loss goes out the windows, blackout curtains can curtail this loss by 25%.

Shield Your Windows

If you don’t want to cover your windows entirely with curtains, consider applying reflective, heat-control window film to any windows in an uncomfortably hot room. This extra insulation will limit the extent to which the sun’s rays can drive up the temperature indoors.

Utilize Your Fans

While a fan will not change the actual temperature of the room, it will help significantly in making you more comfortable. Set ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise so cool air gets drawn up from the floor.

Go Ductless

The best and most effective (and efficient) solution to cooling a hot room would be to invest in a Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC system. The all-electric mini-split system consists of one outdoor unit and allows you the flexibility of having multiple indoor units. Installation is clean and simple, and the system yields jaw-dropping energy-efficient operation.

Mitsubishi Electric systems are also efficient heating solutions, so you can experience year-round comfort in all areas of your home!

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