Utility Rebates

Turns out going green isn’t just good for the environment — it’s also good for your pocketbook. Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances means lowering utility costs in your home. Beyond that, however, it can qualify you for various incentives.

Today, there are different utility rebate programs in Ohio that offer you real savings on your energy bill. Whether you’re in the Dayton, Columbus or Cincinnati areas of the Buckeye State, you can qualify for numerous rebates. These may include free energy audits, water conservation incentives, reduced costs for efficient/renewable energies, and/or rebates for certain lighting, heating, HVAC and ventilation systems.

These programs are good for you, the utility companies and federal facilities. Energy-efficient appliances, in conjunction with monetary inducements, help reduce usage at peak times. This subsequently lowers the need for utility administrators to increase capacity, which can be costly. At the same time, these energy-management practices provide financial benefits for you too. Get the new furnace or tune-up you need from Logan A/C and Heat Services while also qualifying for a rebate in the process!

How Much Can You Save?

The exact amount of savings you could earn will vary based on your location and services. In Cincinnati, for example, Butler Rural offers a $600 rebate for the purchase of a new dual fuel heat pump. Additionally, they offer $300 for replacement dual fuel heat pumps or new/replacement air-source heat pumps to back up existing electric systems.

In Dayton, Vectren offers a $250 rebate for a 95-96.99% AFUE gas furnace, a $300 rebate for a 90% AFUE or higher gas boiler, and a $25 rebate for a furnace tune-up. In many cases, the upgrades you want or need for your home will bring additional incentives, thanks to energy savings.

How To Find a Utility Rebate Program Near You

To know which rebates you are eligible for, you can go to your utility company’s website and see what’s specified. You can also go to consumer-advocate resources such as the Energy Star Rebate Finder online. Assessed by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star appliances are specially certified for eco-friendliness. Via the Rebate Finder, all you have to do is enter your zip code, narrow the categories and see what energy rebates are available.

Additionally, check out the various rebate options below, sorted by location and company.

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