Heat Pump Replacement Service in Dayton, OH

Heat pump replacement is just a call away when you choose Logan A/C and Heat Services. Our team has been replacing heating and cooling systems in the Greater Miami Valley area for over 50 years. Make your home comfortable by choosing us for your next HVAC project. 

Signs You Need a New Heat PumpNew Heat Pump

Strange noises, warm air blowing from your vents in the summertime, cold air blowing in the winter, high utility bills, and frequent repairs – these are all indicators that something is wrong with your heat pump. 

If your system kicks into defrost cycle due to ice buildup on the outdoor coil, it’s a sign that your heat pump may be low on refrigerant or has airflow issues. Sometimes a circuit board or sensor can also go bad. If this happens, it could send the unit into a defrost cycle. It’s a good idea to schedule maintenance or service.

At times, heat pumps can make unusual sounds. This could be noise from a faulty compressor, trouble with the fan motor, a unit entering defrost cycle, or the outdoor unit not sitting level. 

If your heat pump is only blowing warm air in the summer, it’s time to schedule a heat pump repair. The fix could be as simple as replacing your furnace filter (which you should actively do year-round) or something more serious.  

How Heat Pump Replacement Can Benefit Your Home in Dayton

The average Dayton home spends up to 49% of its energy usage on heating and cooling.  With that in mind, it’s important to consider energy efficiency when planning a new heat pump unit installation.

Heating and cooling reliability

Heat pumps work as air conditioners in the summer. During the heating season, the system’s reversing valve switches the cycle of the refrigerant. The heat pump then kicks into heating mode. 

A heat pump is a good source of warmth on milder heating days and can be used in the fall and spring when temperatures stay above 35 degrees. You’ll only have to use your furnace on the coldest of days. This setup can offer you optimal heating and cooling performance. 

Sometimes peace of mind is the best benefit when replacing your heating and cooling system. Nobody wants to spend extra money on untimely repairs, and no one wants to take time away from work, hobbies, or prior commitments to schedule a service call. Installation of a new heat pump can take the worry off your shoulders and create a comfortable living environment.Heat Pump Repair

Avoid huge repair costs

Poor maintenance is the #1 reason customers request heat pump service. Annual maintenance is always recommended to ensure you’re operating a clean, energy-efficient unit with no broken or loose parts. 

Service calls start at over $100. The cheapest part replacement on an outdoor unit is $200, and the average repair cost for a failed heat pump is $500-$1000. Heat pump installation is a better investment for your home and could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Higher overall efficiency

New heat pump installation can help you save on utility usage by aiding in the electrification of your home and cutting down on fossil fuel usage. Keep the money in your pocket rather than giving it to utility companies. Use your heat pump unit for air conditioning in the summer, and then switch to heat when it’s a bit cooler outside. 

Improved air quality

If you are considering a new heat pump system, look at two-stage or multi-stage systems.  These systems do a better job moving air through the home due to long system runtimes. Longer runtimes improve air purification because the air circulates through the indoor unit’s filter system for longer.  

Heat Pump Replacement Costs

With inflation, the cost to replace HVAC systems has increased in the last three years. A ballpark estimate for a new heat pump ranges from $8,000-$16,000. The good news is that you have financing options that can keep monthly payments low and your house comfortable all year round.

Learn the exact investment for your home through an in-home consultation from Logan Services.

Reliable Heat Pump Technician in Dayton

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