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How Do You Know If It’s Time To Replace Your Heat Pump?

Two of the most common reasons that homeowners in Cincinnati replace their heat pump is either (1) due to broken equipment that requires extensive repairs or (2) based on system age of 10+ years old where comfort and/or energy usage concerns are surfacing. If you are experiencing poor system performance AND your system has reached the 10-12+ year threshold, it may be time to consider an upgrade.
With your heating pump system, your equipment should produce cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter. If your current set up is not meeting your comfort needs, it’s time to make a change. Logan Services is your go-to heat pump systems replacement company in Cincinnati.

Heat Pump Replacement Vs. RepairsTrane Heat Pump

When you are experiencing issues with your heat pumps, how do you know if paying for repair service is worth the time, effort, and money? Some of our best recommendations for choosing between heat pump replacement and professional heat pump repair include the following considerations:

  • Heat Pump Age & Condition: What most people don’t consider is that your heat pump operates in BOTH heating and cooling seasons. The equipment operates as an air conditioner in the summer and as a heating source in the fall and early winter. Because of this near-year-round operation, it will endure more wear and tear than just an air conditioner or furnace does. If your heat pump has outlived its parts warranty (typically 10 years) and is experiencing issues, it may be time to make the upgrade.
  • Cost Of Heat Pump Repairs: Did you receive a quote for heat pump repairs? The price of repair will be determined by the severity of the issue. Some of the more costly heat pump repairs include refrigerant leaks, faulty compressor, and bad condenser. As a general guideline, consider heating pump replacement if the equipment is beyond three-quarters of its life expectancy and repairs will cost more than a third of replacement. Before you schedule service for repairs, consider the benefits a new outdoor unit could bring to your home.
  • Incentives Available For Heat Pump Replacement: Did you know that local utility companies often offer rebates for high-efficiency appliances upgrades? Rebate programs are periodically available for homeowners to take advantage of, so these promotional periods are an excellent time to opt for replacement. In addition, manufacturers and contractors also offer incentives with system discounts and financing throughout the year that can make your upgrade more affordable. Sometimes, your heat pump upgrade may even qualify you for tax credits.

Don’t waste your time and money on another band-aid for your heat pump. Invest in an equipment upgrade and start reaping the benefits today. Contact our team for your free estimate.

Heat Pump Replacement CostsRheem Heat Pump

When our team provides you with free estimates, there are multiple factors that will help to determine your comprehensive heat pump services replacement cost.
Some key details that will impact the cost of heat pump replacement include:

  • HVAC Brand: Not all brands are of the same quality. You’ll have many HVAC manufacturer options to choose from, but we recommend choosing a brand that is known for its reputation for reliability, like Trane.
  • Equipment Size: Measured in BTUs & tons, both your furnace and heat pump sizes will need to be determined to ensure that the equipment has the proper capacity to heat/cool your home.
  • Efficiency levels: When you upgrade your heat pump system, you’ll have many options for improved energy efficiency. Higher efficiency options will come at a higher upfront cost, but they will save you more on your utility usage and energy bills in the long run.
  • Technology: Will you settle for single stage technology or take advantage of variable speed heat pump operation? The benefits that a fully variable speed HVAC system can bring to your home comfort and to your future energy savings could influence your purchase.
  • Current Promotions and Incentives: Offers and promotions vary throughout the season on different heat pump models. When you buy may have an impact on the types of rebates you qualify for with the manufacturer, contractor, local utility rebates, and government tax credit programs.

Our Comfort Consultants will share with you what system they most recommend for your comfort needs and budget, but ultimately you will be provided with multiple choices based on the above preferences and requirements. A cooling and heating system upgrade may be daunting, but you’ll be in the best hands with Logan Services. Save money on your heating and cooling costs this year with increased efficiency from a new HVAC system. Request service from our team for complete details on system pricing.

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During your heat pumps systems estimate appointment, you will learn about the Trane, Rheem, and Mitsubishi Electric products that we offer. Have a valuable conversation with our expert to learn what system combinations will work best for your home and your budget. We look forward to helping you make your Cincinnati heat pumps replacement project one of your best home improvements this year! 

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