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Buying A New Home? Check The HVAC System!

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When purchasing a new home, there are many things we depend on inspectors and salesmen to take care of. Many home buyers forget to ask questions about the HVAC system or ensure that certain heating and cooling needs are met.

Here are three things you should ask regarding your HVAC systems before closing the deal or making the move!

What is the HVAC history?
Talk to inspectors, salesmen and previous home owners about HVAC repairs and maintenance. Have they kept up with performing maintenance?  Have any major repairs taken place? Noting these things can save you money in the long run and let you know if a major expense needs to be taken care of before choosing the home.

Is the furnace and air conditioner properly sized for the home?
Improperly sized systems can create large hassle for home buyers. Heat loss is a common red flag that your HVAC system may be improperly sized. If your HVAC system in sized wrong this could lead to increased energy bills and larger problems further down the road.

Can I test the heating and cooling system out?
A well-performing furnace and air conditioner are key to a happy home setting. Make sure you test out both the heating and cooling systems; you’ll want to feel both the warm and cool air coming out of the vents, and take notice of any noises or smells that may occur when doing so. Talking about HVAC needs and expectations before closing on a home is often a missed or overlooked topic, so make sure you start the conversation!

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