How To Change Your HVAC Humidifier Pad

How To Change Your HVAC Humidifier Pad

When you look for total home comfort, you may only be taking the temperature of your home into account, but that's not the only thing you should be concerned with. Humidity is another factor in your total home comfort, and a whole-house humidifier can provide you with many benefits. A humidifier will alleviate dry conditions, helps cold air feel warmer, and so many more benefits.

However, to reap the benefits, you need to ensure that your whole-house humidifier keeps working efficiently. Changing your humidifier pad is essential in making sure that you have comfortable air every winter season in your home. Watch Craig, one of our HVAC experts at Logan A/C & Heat Services, walk through changing the humidifier pad.

When Should I Change My Humidifier Pad?

The best time to change or replace your humidifier pad is in the spring; this is because it has been used throughout the whole winter season. It will have all that sediment and stuff that will dry up and be reintroduced into the duct system as dust in the summer months when it's no longer running. So when replacing it in the spring, you will get a new pad there, ready for the next winter season.

How Do I Change My Humidifier Pad? 

The first thing you need to do is take the trough off and face the paint marks on the side of the pad to the top. Then, snap the trough back on, making sure it's facing the right way. It should be positioned to filter water downward. Next, replace the water tube to the stop in the middle section at the top of the trough. Make sure the humidifier pad is back into place by snapping in on both corners, ensuring that the pad doesn't tilt forward with a potential for flooding. Now replace the humidifier cover, ensuring it snaps back on top and bottom and overlaps where the damper is. 

How Does The Humidifier Work?

The water will drain into each individual hole at the top of the trough. Then the water is dispersed into the pad like a very thin sheet, and as the air passed through, it helps to atomize it, and then the air becomes humid. Connecting everything the correct way will ensure that the water doesn't overflow and create property damage from flooding water. 

Hopefully, if you don't know how or needed a reminder, we have helped you be able to change out your whole-house humidifier pad. If you feel like your home would benefit from a humidifier, talk to our friendly team in Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati for an estimate today. 

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