Control Your Comfort!

Did you know ductless systems can allow you to set your cooling temperatures to meet your needs? A ductless mini-split system is considered to be a more energy efficient route to conventional HVAC units. Ductless systems are mounted on walls and ceilings, allowing more space, and are controlled by a remote to activate temperature settings. Home owners can set timers and explore the functions of their ductless system to meet their desired comfort.

With the capabilities of ductless systems you are able to modify your homes comfort more precisely and specifically. Mitsubishi ductless systems allow for home zoning, which provides your home with room-to-room temperature customization. Many HVAC units with ducts are incapable of providing the customization that ductless systems can through zoning. By allowing every room of the home to be managed individually you are able to cater to each of your residents in a more efficient way.

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