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While the summer may be wrapping up soon, the monthly forecast still shows many more hot, humid days in store for our area. Will your air conditioner be performing at max efficiency? Does it have what it takes to keep you comfortable through this last stretch of heat? What you may not know, is that over time, dirt and debris can collect on and clog the outdoor condenser coil. Doing so can cause a number of issues, some of which include overworking the system, running up your electric bill, warm air coming out of the vents, and air conditioner breakdown altogether. THE SOLUTION: Consider...
It's finally time to announce our 6th Annual A/C Giveaway Winner! Congratulations to... Vicki W. from Springboro! Vicki knew that her 17 year-old air conditioning system was on borrowed time, so when she found our giveaway on Facebook, she decided to enter for her chance to win. After surviving cancer, helping her Mom in her senior years and two kids in college, the family's finances were of course limited for this upgrade. She knew that their A/C would need replaced soon, but like many, wasn't saving up specifically for this project, so she wasn't sure where the funds would come from...
Have you heard about one of the most popular products in home intelligence today? It's the Amazon Echo! The Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control simply with your voice. If you’ve heard about the Echo, you’ve probably learned that it is synced with the Alexa app. Wake the device by saying the word ‘Alexa’…and you can do a number of things—instantly. All you have to do is ask! The Echo can be linked with WiFi enabled devices such as thermostats (Nexia), lights, small appliances and more! Adjust the settings in the Alexa app to allow for the...
It’s going to be a HOT weekend! With the 'feels like' temperatures potentially reaching the upper 90s, it might be helpful to know what to expect performance-wise from your air conditioner during these extreme heat days. DID YOU KNOW? Most A/C and heat pump systems in our region are only prepared to cool efficiently up to approx. 90 degrees. Once that outdoor temperature soars above the 90 degree level, you can expect to feel a few degrees of inconsistency with the indoor cooling temperature. In addition, you can also expect the system to run a lot more than normal —...
Are you sitting at home and can’t seem to figure out why it is hotter in your house than it is outside? Have you constantly tried adjusting your A/C thermostat, checking your filter and troubleshooting the unit yourself? If you have done the above and you are still experiencing discomfort due to a faulty air conditioning system, it may be time to schedule a service call with Logan Services. Here are a few of the many things our professional service technicians can troubleshoot: