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With the temperatures falling into the low 50's this week, you should definitely take an extra moment to consider the state and safety of your furnace. Logan Services was recently featured in a news story involving an unfortuante explosion of a Dayton home, which was likely the result of an old, faulty furnace. According to the police report, the furnace's pilot light was recently lit for the winter season; shortly after, gas built up and an explosion took place in the house, resulting in the furnace catching on fire. The majority of the house was ruined as it shifted 2-3 feet off it's...
This week marks the region’s first taste of fall weather. Is your home ready for the seasonal change? As we transition away from summer, there are a few things homeowners can do in order to set themselves up for a great fall season! Check out these 6 things you can do:
Fall is a beautiful time of year, but with it comes those annoying seasonal allergies. It might be difficult to escape the ragweed when you are outside, but your home should be your safe zone. Learn how to allergy-proof your home, starting with these rooms... Living Room Your living or family room is likely a popular area in your home, making it more prone to collecting allergens that have been brought in from the outdoors. If you suffer from allergies, you might want to keep carpeted surfaces to a minimum, choose leather over heavily upholstered furniture, use a vacuum with...
The last thing you want to happen before the end of summer is a breakdown of your air conditioner. In many cases, an A/C malfunction can be prevented if you know the right things to look out for. Here are a few of those telltale signs that you need to be aware of through these last few weeks of cooling season:
Here at Logan A/C & Heat Services, we are eager to help new and existing customers alike. Referrals are the lifeblood of our business, and we can’t grow without our great customers. Your support is encouraged! Do you know someone who could also use our services? Share your story with them. Here are FIVE WAYS you can refer a friend:
While the summer may be wrapping up soon, the monthly forecast still shows many more hot, humid days in store for our area. Will your air conditioner be performing at max efficiency? Does it have what it takes to keep you comfortable through this last stretch of heat? What you may not know, is that over time, dirt and debris can collect on and clog the outdoor condenser coil. Doing so can cause a number of issues, some of which include overworking the system, running up your electric bill, warm air coming out of the vents, and air conditioner breakdown altogether. THE SOLUTION: Consider...