Air Conditioning Replacement in Dayton, OH

If a new air conditioner is just what you need, it’s time to rely on the expert team at Logan A/C and Heat Services.  Learn more about heating and air conditioning replacement below, then schedule a free estimate to get started with your project.

We’re Here for All Your AC Replacement Needs in DaytonRheem Air Conditioner

Our team has a variety of heating and air conditioning systems to choose from, and we can help you select a budget-friendly system that will do an outstanding job of cooling the air within your home. We offer next-day installation so you can keep cool and comfortable all season long.  

Many homeowners plan for their air conditioner replacement. Planning can help you save time and a lot of hassle by having a new air conditioner installed before a breakdown occurs.  Early replacement also offers better energy-efficiency by keeping your home up-to-date with the latest SEER2 efficiency levels and newest technology.  

If your system is working, but it just doesn’t keep you comfortable, installing a new air conditioner can help the overall comfort and  temperature stability of your home. If your home was built in a new construction development, it may have a builder’s grade HVAC unit or system. Oftentimes these systems are lower quality brands and they don’t provide many features that help move and power the air your home. Also, there are many homes throughout Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati where the existing air conditioner just isn’t properly sized. A working air conditioner that is either too big or too small will cool your home, but it’s not going to operate efficiency or effectively. This scenario tends to lead to air conditioner replacement before there is an emergency need.

If you are experiencing an emergency or air conditioner beyond repair, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Logan Services knows that there’s never a good time to be experiencing air conditioner trouble. We offer FREE, same-day estimates and next-day installation on a first-come, first-served basis so you don’t have to wait for your house to feel cool and comfortable again.  

Air conditioning replacement is as simple as calling Logan Services for help! No matter if you're proactive or experiencing an urgent problem, our team offers various financing options (with credit approval) to help keep your new air conditioner within your family budget. Talk to one of our friendly comfort consultants today to see which financing term may work best for you.

Our Checklist for AC Replacement Services

  1. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured.
  2. We will quickly obtain a work permit to meet state codes and validate any potential insurance claims during your air conditioning installation.
  3. Everyone on our team is background checked and wears an official ID badge. We do not use subcontractors. 
  4. Our manufacturing partners hold us accountable for our work. We aim to complement the reputations these companies have built. 
  5. All estimates reflect the true investment of the air conditioning replacement. We will not bombard you with extra fees during the installation. There are no hidden costs. 
  6. We will show you a variety of heating and cooling choices for your home. There’s a wide range of efficiencies, sizes, and extra features that come with a new HVAC system these days. We want you to be confident of your decision. 
  7. Our customers share their stories with you. Do you really want to know about the performance of our company? Read thousands of reviews to see what people are saying about our services and the products we offer.
  8. We offer financing. In order to make your air conditioning installation project budget-friendly, you are at the forefront of the decision-making process. If you want to keep your monthly payments manageable, we can help you select the best financing option for your project.

When To Consider Replacing Your ACTrane Air Conditioner Installation

Improving energy efficiency is a priority for heating and air conditioning decisions these days. Advancements in HVAC technology have made it possible to manufacture heating and cooling systems with improved efficiency capabilities as well as increased airflow, air turnover, and indoor air quality enhancements. If you want to get smarter with your energy usage, free estimates on new air conditioner systems are available. Estimates take about one hour to complete and give you a comprehensive look at what you need for your home.

If your heating system currently needs to be replaced, it’s also an excellent time to replace your cooling system. Remember, furnaces and air conditioners work together. If you're considering a replacement for one, you should really be thinking about both.    

If you’ve had to schedule multiple service repairs for your AC unit, it may be a good idea to get a free estimate for a new heating and cooling system. Service fees can start to stack up, and instead of paying for these temporary bandages, it’s often better to invest the money in a system replacement.  

Finally, don’t let age fool you. It’s quite common to replace newer systems less than 10 years old. If your cooling system is loud or creates an ugly obstruction in your yard, you may consider replacing it. Many builder’s grade air conditioners were not built to last more than 5-10 years. Your system might be rusting, blowing little to no cold air, or simply worn down from lack of service. If so, your newer air conditioner may be ready for replacement. 

Change is inevitable. There are numerous benefits you’ll want to consider when upgrading your AC system.

Benefits of a Modern Air Conditioner

Simply put, air conditioners now do a much better job of dehumidification. With less humidity in the air, you’ll feel more comfortable. A staged air conditioner (such as a two-stage air conditioner or a multi-stage conditioner) will run indoor air over the indoor evaporator at a longer, slower rate. This allows the coil to wring out more humidity. Lower humidity equals a cooler-feeling house in the summertime. Air conditioning replacement can help you dehumidify your home for a more pleasant indoor experience.    

1. Improved Energy Savings

Lowering the humidity level in your home through air conditioning replacement may allow you to raise the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees. Drier air is more comfortable in the summer, so you’ll feel cooler. 

Also, modern air conditioners are built to be more energy efficient. Twenty years ago, the top efficiency of an air conditioner was 10 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). Nowadays, energy efficiency ratings reach close to 20 SEER. That’s a huge improvement in reducing the electricity needed to power an air conditioner, and this technology should ease cooling bills. 

2. Quieter

If you have a two-stage air conditioner or multi-stage air conditioning system, the AC system will run at a lower capacity. The airflow is softer and will be much quieter. Air running through your HVAC system at full blast (as it does in a single-stage furnace) is noisy. 

3. Trouble-Free Cooling

If your current system has set you up for despair with repairs, you’ll never look back after installing new equipment. Multiple repairs not only cost a lot of money, but they also cost you time. With the installation of a new ac system, you won’t be bogged down by constant calls for service. 

Your new air conditioner will come complete with warranties, such as a ten-year parts warranty. The latest air conditioning systems also use environmentally friendly refrigerants. A new thermostat offers state-of-the-art digital programming capabilities, like the ability to control heating and cooling settings while you're away from home through an app on your phone. 

You’ll want to make sure you protect your home investment by scheduling routine maintenance on your cooling system each year. This will keep the air conditioner running at top performance and your home free of any hassle or worries.

Reasons to Choose Logan A/C and Heat Services for AC Replacement in Dayton

Rely on the team at Logan Services for heating and AC service, repair, and replacement. Our team is backed by Trane and has been named a flagship dealer. We have local Trane support to ensure your new system installation is performed with the highest level of service and knowledge. 

We offer high-efficiency, staged HVAC systems to ensure your home is comfortable and your heating and cooling expectations are met. To get started, schedule a free estimate through an in-home consultation and learn which air conditioners will best benefit your home.