How To Stay Safe From Faulty Furnaces

With winter approaching, most of us won't think much of turning up the heat in our home. Gas-powered furnaces are heavily used in our region, but when not used and maintained properly, these modern marvels can be dangerous, and even fatal.

Our team was recently featured on a local news segment to share why it's very important to educate yourself on furnace safety. In that feature, our team shared multiple ways to prevent a furnace breakdown in the dead of winter; here are some things that you can do...

  1. Check, clean or replace your filter every month
  2. Have a furnace tune-up performed by a professional before the peak of heating season
  3. Keep vents clean and free from furniture or other object blocking them
  4. Change your thermostat batteries
  5. Don't ignore unusual sounds or smells coming from your furnace; call for service at first sight of trouble


Stay safe this heating season! Let our friendly team know if we can help you with your heating and cooling needs in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus today!


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