Earning Utility Rebates When Replacing Your HVAC System

Earning Utility Rebates When Replacing Your HVAC System

If you have been putting off replacing your home heating and cooling system for a while, now may be the perfect time to check that project off your list.

As we near the holidays, you are likely convinced that you should hold off on home improvement tasks until after the gifting season is over. What you may be surprised to learn is that HVAC replacement can actually help put money back into your pockets to help fund your holiday purchases.

How is this possible? Two words: utility rebates.

When you replace your home heating/cooling system, you may be eligible to receive a rebate (usually 4-6 weeks after installation) from your utility companies. Some of the most popular utility providers that offer rebates on furnace & A/C upgrades include: DP&L, Vectren, Columbia Gas, AEP Electric, and Duke Energy. The size of the rebate will depend on the efficiency of the HVAC equipment that you choose for your home.

As you will learn in the below video, Amanda replaced her furnace and air conditioner last month, and weeks later received a check in the mail for $450!

If furnace and A/C replacement is something that is on your to-do list, you can take advantage of our current promotions going on now, including 0% APR for 60 months, manufacturer discounts, and qualifying utility rebates that can help make for an all-around more comfortable holiday season.

Want to learn more about your HVAC replacement options? Book your free, in-home estimate today!


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