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Local HVAC Expert Answers Your Air Conditioning Questions

During the summer season, we get many questions from our customers about their air conditioners and what to look for when it's time for replacement. Whether is it age, the number of repairs, supply chain shortages, or how to find a good A/C, we have all your answers here. 

Read on and watch our video below to see our answers to your common air conditioner questions

Thermostat Wars: How To Achieve Comfortable Temperatures In Your Home

We all know that the "Thermostat Wars" can be a real struggle in the home. Everyone in the house has a different temperature that they are comfortable with, especially during the  winter months. Homeowners often ask us where they should keep their thermostat set and if there is an ideal temperature for their home

Watch our Logan Services expert, Chris M., talk about where your thermostat should be set and how you can feel warmer without bumping up the temperature.

How To Schedule A Free In-Home HVAC Estimate

With the unpredictable weather that Ohio is known for, you will want to make sure that your home cooling and heating system (HVAC) work correctly. If you find yourself with a furnace or ac startup problem, or maybe the HVAC system isn't working at all, it may be time to call Logan Services.

Air Conditioning Questions We Get During The Summer Months

Are you already thinking 'fall'? While you might be tempted to embrace all things pumpkin spice and fall decorations and activities, don't forget that we still have about a month's worth of hot temperatures expected in our region; be mindful of the operation of your air conditioner in order to stay comfortable during the whole summer season.

Does Rain Affect Your Air Conditioner?

We’ve had a lot of rain hit our area lately and you may be wondering, “Does all of this precipitation really affect my air conditioner?” To learn more, our spokesperson Amanda sat down with one of our experts, Chris, to ask him about it.