From To Do To Done

The Importance of AC and Furnace Blower Motor Maintenance

DID YOU KNOW: There are many HVAC system components utilized by both your furnace AND air conditioner. You may think of your heating and cooling equipment as seperate systems, but they function with many of the same parts.

Bugs! How Insects Can Affect Your HVAC System

Many of us are ready for the warmer weather to settle into the Ohio region. With that, our air conditioners will be turned on for the season. Is your cooling system ready to be put to work?

Trouble With Rodents and How Animals Can Damage Your HVAC System

With warmer weather settling in our region in the upcoming weeks, we will be starting to turn on our air conditioners. Unfortunately, because many of us haven't had our A/Cs on in a while, unanticipated issues or even breakdowns could be looming when we turn them on for the first time. 

How To Maintain A Furnace Flame Sensor

The inner workings of your furnace are intricate, and each piece works together to make sure that the furnace is working to make your home comfortable. However, if the furnace and its components aren't maintained or cleaned regularly, an unnecessary breakdown could happen. 

What Is A Gas Furnace Burner And How Are They Maintained?

Your furnace is like a puzzle; it has a lot of different pieces and components that work together to make sure your home is comfortable and warm. It's essential to have your furnace maintained each year to ensure that it works correctly and does not break down

DIY Tips: Keep Your Family Safe and Warm This Heating Season

The holidays are here, and chances are you are preparing to have family and friends enter your home to celebrate with you. You might be focused on cleaning your whole house, but what about keeping your home comfortable, safe, and warm for the days you're all together?

How To Clean Your Furnace Drain

Cleaning your house is important, and while you clean the significant areas, you also need to get in those small areas. You may not think of cleaning parts of your HVAC system as part of your routine, but you may want to add cleaning your furnace drain; you'll only have to do it twice a year. Cleaning your furnace drain is essential so you don't find yourself in an emergency situation.

Digital Tools We Use On An HVAC Tune-Up

Everywhere we look a different type of technology is being used or evolving into something new. For example, we use our smartphones daily, and the Bluetooth in our cars helps us talk to people or listen to music. You might be surprised to find that the Logan Services HVAC service technicians also use this type of technology on the job. 

Reasons To Get A Professional Tune-Up

Imagine walking inside your home only to find that your furnace or your air conditioner isn't working correctly. When this happens, it's time to make the call for help, either by scheduling a service call or a professional tune-up from the Logan Services team.

How To Change Your HVAC Humidifier Pad

When you look for total home comfort, you may only be taking the temperature of your home into account, but that's not the only thing you should be concerned with. Humidity is another factor in your total home comfort, and a whole-house humidifier can provide you with many benefits.