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Logan Services is a preferred heat pump contractor in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas. We are proud to offer Rheem products to our customers. When it comes to selecting the best HVAC equipment for your home, trust our team of experts to provide you with the best options and comfort solutions.

Do your HVAC needs include heat pump replacement? Learn more about our heating and cooling services, and how a Rheem system could be a great addition to your home.

Types of Rheem Heat Pumps

Often more commonly known for their water heaters, Rheem manufactures a great heat pump system. When it’s time to sit down and learn about your heat pump replacement options, make sure that you find a Rheem dealer that can offer you options in all of the following product series:

  • Classic

    : The Rheem Classic Series heat pumps are a cost-effective solution to your standard heat pump replacement project. Operating at efficienciesRheem heat pump around the 14-15 SEER level, the Classic Series systems offer either single stage compressor or 2-stage heating and cooling options. Known for the compressor composite base pan for quieter operation, these heat pumps can handle anywhere from 1.5 tons to a 5-ton application.

  • Classic Plus

    : The Rheem Classic Plus Series of equipment offers a little higher efficiency, as models in this category of equipment range from roughly 16 SEER up to 18.5 SEER. Some Rheem heat pump models in the ‘plus’ series also allow for 3 stage operation, which provides better home comfort at a more efficient level of system performance. In addition, heat pumps in the Classic Plus category are popular with consumers as they are compatible with the Rheem EcoNet smart thermostat.

  • Prestige

    : The Prestige Series of heat pump systems are the most efficient and best performing heating and air conditioning systems in the Rheem line-up. Operating at cooling efficiency levels from about 19 SEER up to 21 SEER, these HVAC systems are the most eco-friendly models that Rheem has to offer. With a compressor that is fully variable, paired with the EcoNet smart thermostat, the Prestige Series offers consumers the best Rheem heat pump technology for comfort and energy conservation.

Don’t settle for an HVAC contractor that only offers the baseline models (typically in the classic series). While that equipment may suit your needs, you should always compare more energy efficient options that can offer you better system output and savings on your utility usage. A comfort expert from Logan Services can help you explore your options and help you find the right technology for your home and your budget. 

Rheem Heat Pump Unique Features

The Rheem manufacturing company has come a long way since brothers Richard and Donald Rheem founded the company in the 1920s. The first Rheem heat pumps for residential applications were produced in the 1970s, and since then, the company has developed some unique features and specifications to help them stand apart from other HVAC companies that homeowners can enjoy when looking to replace their HVAC system:

  • Four Compressor Options

    : Unlike some of its competitors, Rheem offers single-stage, two-stage, three-stage, and fully variable speed heating and cooling. The more stages a compressor has, the more effective and efficient the system will heat and cool the home.

  • Four Model Series

    : Rheem heat pumps can be categorized into 4 different model series, including Select, Classic, Classic Plus, and Prestige. The main differentiators between these series are the speed that the compressor operates at, the efficiency levels that they rate for, and their ability to operate with the EcoNet smart thermostat.

  • Rheem EcoNet

    : A smart thermostat that allows you access to control your HVAC and water heating equipment from anywhere with the use of an app or even voice commands, the Rheem EcoNet is an excellent addition to your new heat pump system.

  • PlusOne Energy Efficiency

    : Rheem heat pumps with this specification means that the system efficiency offers minimum of 20 SEER and up to 11 HSPF system performance, which is amongst the most efficient operation of any heat pump on the market.

  • PlusOne Triple Service Access

    : Rheem heat pumps with this specification means that the equipment is built to allow for easier and faster service and repair work. Essentially, heat pump models with this feature have a removable corner and removable louver panels to allow optimal access to internal unit components.

Why are Rheem Heat Pumps Good?

The Rheem manufacturing company has become one of the most trusted names in the heating and cooling industry. Known for building some of the most dependable and innovative equipment on the market, Rheem has made a name for themselves with consumers for both their water heaters and HVAC products. We carry a wide range of heat pump systems to provide you and your family with year-round comfort.
We’ve received numerous great Rheem heat pump reviews from our customers. One common highlight of their experiences is the quality of our installation team and the energy savings they are enjoying with their new HVAC upgrade.

rheem heat pump review

Geoffrey from Hamilton, Ohio had this to say about his Rheem HVAC replacement project with Logan Services:
“What a great experience it was working with such a great company like Logan A/C & Heat,  from the first phone call to the estimate. The comfort consultant was very professional and patient with all my questions, and the install was great. My installation team was the best, very polite, and very professional. They cleaned everything up when done and hauled it all away. The lead HVAC installer was just the best company representative Logan A/C & Heat could have. He could hold a class on how to treat the customer. If you're looking to have any A/C or heating work done, you can't go wrong with Logan."

Frequently Asked Questions About Rheem Heat Pumps

Can heat pumps produce enough heat for my home or business?

In Ohio, we experience drastic temperature differences throughout the year, and sometimes even throughout any given week. A heat pump will be able to sufficiently heat your space, down until about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, you will need to rely on a secondary source of heat, whether it is a gas fueled furnace or heat strips in your heat pump that pushes heat through your home by use of an electric air handler. A professional HVAC contractor will be able to assess your application to ensure that you have the proper set up to effectively heat your home or business.

How long will a Rheem heat pump last?

Heat pump life expectancy can often be the result of how well the system was taken care of through the years. While you should hope to get 12-15 years out of a Rheem heat pump system, some homeowners experience less than that due to lack of maintenance and neglect of the equipment. How well the system was initially installed and how quickly repairs were made when issues arise are also major factors when it comes to a heat pump’s life span. Always choose a reputable HVAC installation team and don’t put off repairs if and when operational concerns arise.

Why does my heat pump make strange noises?Rheem heat pump

While it may seem like a sign of a malfunction, it’s common for heat pump systems to produce a noise upon start up. You may hear gentle humming or buzzing during operation, as well as air ‘whooshing’ as the fan blade spins, but these are probably normal for the system. It’s also normal to hear a click sound upon start up and shut down of the system. In some instances, such as hearing banging or rattling noise from the indoor unit or outdoor condensing unit, you may have a bigger issue often caused by loose parts. Try to become familiar with the sounds that your heat pump produces early on, and then if you are unsure if any future sounds are normal, it’s always best to let a professional weigh in.

Can a heat pump reduce my annual heating expenses?

When operating a heat pump as a dual fuel system (paired with a natural gas or propane furnace), you can expect to save quite a bit on your fuel bill. Because the heat pump will heat your home until about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, you won’t touch your gas supply until that temperature threshold is met. While it will cause your electric bill to increase, you’re likely to save a lot more on the fuel conservation to offset that cost and come out ahead in utility savings.

How much does a Rheem Heat Pump cost?

To determine an accurate cost for a new heat pump, you will need to determine the equipment size/capacity needed, the efficiency ratings of the system, the speed of compressor, whether or not you require a new furnace/air handler, and what seasonal promotions and incentives are available for your purchase. Your Rheem heating and cooling cost could be anywhere between $6,000-$16,000 when the project is said and done. Because of this wide range of unknown variables, we always recommend getting a free, in-home estimate from a professional heat pump contractor.

Does Rheem have a warranty?

Rheem products are among some of the best in the industry, but even reliable equipment may require repairs through the years. When you have a new Rheem HVAC system installed, you can rely on a 10-year limited parts warranty. The installing HVAC company should also offer a labor warranty, typically 1 year, to ensure that the equipment set up was done correctly. If installation was done improperly, it’s likely that you will notice that within the first year of operation, which is why that 1-year labor warranty for Rheem products is important.

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