Heat Pumps - Rheem RP20

Rheem RP20


Cooling Efficiencies: up to 20 SEER / 14.5 EER
Heating Efficiencies: up to 13 HSPF ‡‡

Sound Level*: Smart new composite base pan contributing to sound levels as low as 59aBA
Compressor: Inverter-driven, variable-speed scroll compressor with modulating technology.

Warranty*: Conditional unit replacement - 10 years


Variable-Speed Technology - Rely on your heat pump to adapt quickly and consistently to your heating and cooling needs, regardless of the conditions outside.


Energy Efficiency and Savings - The variable speed heat pump provides cooling efficiencies up to 54% higher and heating efficiencies up to 58% higher than typical heat pump designs. You can also expect more than $7,000 in lifetime savings.**


Quiet and Efficient Operation - By running at lower speeds throughout the day, the Rheem variable-speed model streamlines airflow and reduces vibration, running quieter than other systems.


Smart Controls and Alerts - Rheem's Innovative EcoNet ™ technology sends you important alerts and reminders to keep your system working at its best. It’s easy to adjust your comfort settings from home or away.*


*For complete details of the warranties, including applicable terms and conditions, go to Rheem.com for a copy of the product warranty certificate.