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Efficient HVAC Replacement
"Service was great. People were very friendly and done a great job. Everything is...
Air Conditioner Replacement
New air conditioner in dayton oh, new hvac in dayton oh,
"We had been putting off replacing our A/C for over a year now. Logan Services made...
High Efficiency Furnace & A/C
New heating and air in tipp city oh, new high efficiency hvac in tipp city
"When it came time to upgrade our furnace and air conditioner, we chose Logan...
Ductless System Installation
mitsubishi mini split in huber heights oh, ductless systems in huber heights oh
"My husband and I highly recommend Logan Services to anyone who is 'thinking...
Highest Efficiency HVAC System
"We had a cracked heat exchanger in our old furnace and an AC unit that was non-...
Complete HVAC Replacement
"The previous HVAC company did a number on our furnace, mind, body & spirit 7yrs...
Quiet & Efficient HVAC
"Thanks Logan Services. We had a new furnace and AC unit installed in December. Love...
High Efficiency HVAC Install
furnace replacement centerville oh
"Another great job by Logan Services. We have a 2 furnace house and now a 2 LOGAN...
Variable Speed Furnace & A/C
Variable Speed Furnace in Fairborn
"This is my kid, Cameron, posing in front of our new gas furnace that was installed...
Trane HVAC Replacement
"New heat and air from Logan Services. The installers were great. Very efficient,...
Variable Speed HVAC System
furnace and ac replacement dayton
"Well my story is I installed a carbon monoxide detector near my furnace 6 months...
Trane Furnace & A/C
hvac replacement dayton
"Working with the professionals at Logan Services was a great experience. We were in...