Employee Testimonials - Working At Logan Services

Our employees are the key to our success as a business! We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that each and every one of our team members puts into growing in their career. Learn what our employees are saying about their experience working as a part of our team.

clay n

“I never had a set career, I knew I was good with my hands and wanted to do physical work vs. office jobs.  I'm motivated because there is so much to learn within the trade." 

ADVICE"It's hard work; there's no way around that.  However, if you stick with it, it will be extremely well worth it not only financially but for your own personal growth."  

Clay, Apprentice Graduate


devin j

"I worked as a nurse at a local hospital for 4 years and was looking for a career change.  I enjoy working with my hands, and I like to understand how things work.  I knew that HVAC was a career that's always in need.  I love the satisfaction of completing a job and instantly seeing my results.

Mikie C. was awesome to learn from. Even though I started with no HVAC knowledge, he was able to guide me in the right direction. He would let me fail and always allow me to try things on my own, although he knew there would be a chance he would have to redo my mistake or walk me through it a second time. Although I do not work with him anymore, he always calls or texts me to check up on me and is more than willing to lend a hand anytime I need it. Mikie made the apprenticeship more than just a job, we were able to create a friendship and a positive/fun work environment.

ADVICE"Make the jump!" 

Devin, Apprentice Graduate
From Job Shadow to Lead Installer in just 9 months)


treneil b

“I'm from Jamaica.  I was introduced to HVAC as a career in which I could practice almost anywhere in the world where human comfort is a priority.  My solar tech teacher was a positive influence.  Logan Services offers the best compensation and work environment with ongoing training, which provides consistent personal and professional growth."

Treneil, Lead Installer


kyle b

"I've been in the HVAC field since I was 18 years old.  I wanted to be able to build something with my hands that I could take pride in and also be able to help people.  Logan offers me the ability to do those things.” 

Connor, Installer Apprentice


edric s

“I heard how well Logan Services treats its employees.  That right there means a lot to me because being treated well just makes you feel good and makes you enjoy coming to work."   

Edric, Lead Installer


“I know for a fact that we would not be homeowners, married, and be able to take care of 5 children if it weren't for the career growth my husband has experienced at Logan Services.  I was able to quit my nursing job and start my own business, having flexible hours to take our kids to school, help them with homework, and make dinner each night." 

Michelle F., Wife of Lead Installer

HVAC Lead Installer"My advice for future apprentices is to take your time and learn the knowledgeable that is available to you. Take everyday in stride and be a professional. Try to learn something new everyday, the HVAC industry is changing all the time. Apply yourself and pay attention to the details, also ask as many questions as you need to learn the trade. Stay focused on the goal of becoming a great install technician. Remember this isn't just a job, it is a great career path that you can take anywhere in the world."

Matt, Lead Installer