Duct Cleaning In Dayton

A big part of your heating and air conditioning system that generally goes unnoticed is your ductwork.  In order to have fresh and comfortable air in your home, our service team in Dayton, Ohio recommends that you get your heating and air conditioning ducts cleaning on a routine basis. 

How Long Will A Duct Cleaning Take?

Logan Services offers duct cleaning to all of its customers in Dayton, Ohio.  Usually a whole-house duct cleaning can take place in just one day. Our professional duct cleaner can usually clean 8-12 ducts leading to room registers in about two or three hours. 

What Is Performed During A Duct Cleaning?

Before the work begins our technician will seal all of the vents in your home to create a vacuum.  The he will use an air-whip system inside of the ducts. This will break up all of the dirt and debris that is sticking to the metal of your ductwork. 

After loosening up the dirt, the tech will use a vacuum to remove all of it from your heating and cooling system. 

Finally, the technician will sanitize and deodorize your heating and cooling ductwork. This neutralizes bacteria, viruses and fungi.  All of the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly and will not harm pets or children.

We Work In Your Dayton-Area Neighborhood!

We provide duct cleaning services in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding communities:

  • Vandalia, OH
  • Huber Heights, OH
  • Kettering, OH
  • Miamisburg, OH
  • West Carrollton, OH
  • Centerville, OH
  • Springboro, OH
  • Trotwood, OH
  • Beavercreek, OH
  • Fairborn, OH
  • Springfield, OH
  • Englewood, OH
  • Tipp City, OH
  • Troy, OH
  • Piqua, OH

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